Mexican Pizza

5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Summer Produce

Mexican PizzaSummer’s the ideal time to make progress getting more veggies in your children’s diet, and building the veggie habit along the way.

5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Summer Produce – Family Focus Blog

It’s a little late to get your child invested in your garden by planting it with you, but NOT too late to get them into it with watering and harvesting tasks.

Take your child with you to the farmers market– a marvelous visual and sensory experience that will perk up the interest in fresh veggies.

Cook that produce they’ve picked, or picked out at the market, together now that there’s no school and homework to make it even harder to get dinner on the table

Explore veggie dishes, like the yummy Mexican Pizza recipe at the end of the post, with links to other mexican ideas for your enjoyment


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