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5 Great Angry Birds Party Games

Pig PopAngry Birds is SURE to please as a party theme, and here’s 5 more good game ideas in addition to all the others we’ve posted here in the past:

5 Great Angry Birds Birthday Party Games | Angry Birds 365

If they’re old enough to know about Angry Birds, they’re old enough to use darts (with adult supervision) to play the Piggie Pop game pictured here. If not, or your nervous, make it Angry Birds Bowling instead. They don’t have to be real bowling pins, use anything they can knock down by rolling a ball such as beer cups, tin cans. Just dress them up like Angry Birds.

Or turn punch balloons, without their rubber band ‘handles’, into Angry Birds for a rousing game of outdoor volleyball! If, like me. you’re not familiar with punch balloons- check them out here.

Come to think of it- wouldn’t these punch balloons make terrific party favors for the younger set? After they’ve entertained themselves with them at your party for a while, that is. You can decorate them (draw on them with markers) to match your theme, or just leave them plain and colorful- your choice.


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