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4 Simple Steps to Becoming an Organized Mom

Get OrganizedWe can all use more organization in our life, no matter how organized we already are, or aren’t.

4 Simple Steps to Becoming an Organized Mom — 5 Minutes for Mom

More organized = more time, our most precious commodity.

You might already be using these organizing tips, or you may not, so give them a look-see.

Everything seems to take way more time to accomplish than it used to. Customer service now all gets pushed back onto us consumers, as we sit on the phone waiting for the corporates to deign to talk to us. As we sit in waiting rooms for sometimes over an hour because apparently our time is irrelevant. As we hang out in the car waiting in a long line for our kids to drag themselves out of school. Those swim meets that go on forever. The list of our ‘waiting time’ is seemingly endless.

All that being said, I’d add a 5th simple way to get organized: Always have something in your bag, be it your smartphone or ipad or little notebook, that you can use while waiting to get a jump on some little job or two that’s on your list.

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