10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Children

An extra minute or two in the morning can mean a whole lot to your kids’ ability to stay focused in school. Sugared up cereal isn’t going to do that for them; make sure you read the ingredients and the grams of sugar in those cereals rather than believing what the TV commercials claim- you’ll be very surprised.

Not only does the right breakfast help with focus and concentration, it’s a major factor in weight control too. Kids, just like adults, need to be full enough not to get hit with cravings that lead to overeating. And the thing that keeps them (and us) feeling full is protein. Eggs, yogurt, protein rich smoothies- these all do the trick.

Whole grains is the other good-for-you breakfast. Hot cereal on a cold morning- what’s not to like?

Here are ideas for 10 healthy breakfasts for your kids. They take a bit more time in the morning, or organization the night before, but the pay off is worth it. And I would add for the yogurt, fruit and granola breakfast to substitute oatmeal for the expensive and fairly high calorie granola – it tastes just as good with good fruit.

One thought on “10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Children

  1. Melissa Angela

    I have made the breakfast braid more times then i can count since i found this recipe. I replaced the jalapenos by adding a thin layer of salsa, so that it wasn’t too spicy for my son. I get asked all the time to make it for brunches and weekend breakfasts. We even use it as a stand by for a weekday meal.

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