Here's more kids party theme ideas:

arrow It's the Games, Games, Games   (05/04/2011)
This video gives you some good pointers for getting your party priorities straight
arrow Elmo for Preschoolers   (03/08/2011)
Elmo seems to have always been the favorite of all the wonderful Sesame Street characters, so for preschool birthday party themes he's a natural. And pretty easy to pull off as well.
arrow New Slumber Party Rules   (03/01/2011)
I'd never have thought of this 'rule' to keep slumber parties as civilized as possible, but it's a great idea so I pass it along to all.
arrow Easy Movie Party   (02/02/2011)
Doing a movie, at home, is about as simple a birthday party theme as you can have. But it doesn't have to be boring or ordinary.
arrow Charitable Slumber Party   (01/18/2011)
Here's a FREE giveaway of a slumber party kit. All it costs you is a LIKE on Facebook.
arrow Kids Carnival   (09/28/2010)
An old fashioned carnival birthday party is a great and easier than you think birthday party theme.
arrow A Real Zoo Party   (06/07/2010)
Having blogged for you about the adorable animal faced cupcakes got me thinking about a zoo party for the kids. Not a zoo themed party, an actual zoo party!
arrow Safari Jungle Party Cupcakes   (06/04/2010)
If you can make a circle with icing and cut a small hole in the corner of a baggie, you can make these adorable safari jungle party animal cupcakes!
arrow Pirate Hats to Make   (06/03/2010)
Have your budding buccaneers begin their swashbuckling career at your pirate birthday party by making themselves authentic pirate hats.
arrow Dressing Up Pirate   (06/02/2010)
Dressing up to go with your kids pirate party theme puts you IN the party, and squarely IN the memory your child will take away.
arrow Tiki Totems   (05/26/2010)
Great for luau party decorations, but if your guests are the right age for it, let them make your party decorations.
arrow Hula Lula Luau   (05/25/2010)
Challenge your young luau party guests to do the hula- and it WILL be a challenge! Best for a teen luau party, but it also works with younger kids, especially the younger girls.
arrow the Luau Limbo   (05/24/2010)
Whether grade school age, pre-teens or teens, your luau party wouldn't be complete without a limbo contest.
arrow Ye Biggest Pirate Resource on de Web   (05/21/2010)
There are a whole lot of would-be pirates out there, most way too old for your next pirate birthday party but who've kindly provided a slew of resources you can use putting that kids pirate party together.
arrow Safari Jungle Cut Outs   (05/19/2010)
How about real-looking large scale animals that stand up and great your guests at your next jungle or safari party? That would be pretty cool- eh?
arrow Do It Themselves Luau Kebobs   (05/17/2010)
Keep 'em busy at your next boy-girl teen (or pre-teen) luau party by having them make the food AND cook it!
arrow The Luau Fashion Walk   (05/14/2010)
A great way to ease on into the co-ed parties that preteens and teens want, yet still have the games and activities that keep them under control, is with a luau party theme.
arrow Dress the Part(y)   (04/28/2010)
Join you birthday child at their own level for your next birthday party. Don't just be the party slave or the bad cop, BE your kids party theme.
arrow Camping Party   (04/27/2010)
Camping out is enjoyed by all ages, and it makes a great birthday party theme, no matter the weather or temperature.
arrow Princess Mom   (04/26/2010)
One of the expensive new ideas out there for a Princess Party is hiring adults dressed as Disney royalty to come and run your party. I suggest you can be just as beautiful as a Princess and so much more meaningful as Princess Mom!

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