Here's more ideas for children's party food:

Watermelon Shark   (09/01/2010)
Get a good sharp knife and get to work. This is actually healthy fare for your pirate birthday party or pool party or luau party, and the kids will go nuts when they see what you've done.
Princess Birthday Cake   (08/26/2010)
There's something about little girls that has us moms sometimes going for the over-the-top, fussy, frilly things that they so love. I'd put this princess birthday cake in that category.
Animal Puzzle Cupcakes   (08/24/2010)
The perfect complement to your jungle party, safari party, or zoo party - a teddy bear cupcake puzzle.
Pink Chocolate Popcorn   (08/21/2010)
Popcorn is one of your better choices for children's party snacks. How about popcorn that's a mixture of the salty and sweet, that's colorful, and get's all the kids attention.
Double the Cupcake Fun   (08/19/2010)
Birthday Cupcakes are the easy alternative to birthday cake, but that doesn't mean they can't be just as decorative as cake. Leave it to Martha Stewart to show us how to make them stand-out cute yet so very simple.
Slumber Party Easy   (08/11/2010)
The longer you have the party kids in your house, the more they will eat. So slumber parties require lots of party food, but you needn't knock yourself out preparing it.
Easy Pirate Cupcakes   (08/10/2010)
You can always find the the time to whip up a batch of cupcakes from a box mix for your children's party food and then create really simple images for the top decoration- like these Pirate Cupcakes.
Lemons for Lemonade   (08/09/2010)
Lemonade is a perfect summer drink to serve at your party, and you can engage the kids and keep them busy for a bit of time by having them make it up themselves.
DIY Cupcake Toppers   (08/03/2010)
Cupcakes are an easy alternative to a birthday cake. They're kid-sized and kid friendly and you can fancy them up so your birthday party food matches any party theme with simple D-I-Y cupcake toppers.
Earth Friendly Feasting   (07/28/2010)
You CAN have an eco-friendly kids birthday party without depriving anybody of anything on that special day. And quite obviously, the place to start is with all that paper and plastic we all use for the childrens party food.
Star Wars Cake   (07/16/2010)
An R2D2 Star Wars birthday cake that used just two simple decorating techniques but will get rave reviews from your Jedi guests.
The BIG Secret to Birthday Cakes   (07/15/2010)
It's called fondant, it's what makes the fancy shaped add-ons that decorate your cake, and it's just not that big a deal to make a marshmallow based fondant and use it to give your cake that truly professional look.
Pirates Treasure Cake   (07/13/2010)
Would you believe - a dirt cake recipe? It's perfect to tweak into a pirates treasure cake for your next pirate birthday party.
Tutu Cookies for Princesses   (06/25/2010)
All little princesses love tutus, and they all love sugar cookies, so put them together for an adorable, edible party food or a lovely take home party favor, or both!
Fruiti Sushi   (06/21/2010)
A candy party sushi that's very easy to make, very festive and colorful and perfect for a preteen or older elementary school age kids birthday party.
Cake Icing Tip   (06/17/2010)
How to make your birthday cake icing look flawless- with no crumbs that make it look, well, crummy.
Cupcake Display Stand   (06/07/2010)
How I wish I had discovered this cupcake display stand back when I was shlepping goodies to school on a regular basis! This is something you can actually use for more than just your kids parties.
Safari Jungle Party Cupcakes   (06/04/2010)
If you can make a circle with icing and cut a small hole in the corner of a baggie, you can make these adorable safari jungle party animal cupcakes!
Volcano Cake   (05/28/2010)
Even if your party isn't for a birthday celebration, this cake is such a show stopper you'll just have to include it at your luau party.
Do It Themselves Luau Kebobs   (05/17/2010)
Keep 'em busy at your next boy-girl teen (or pre-teen) luau party by having them make the food AND cook it!

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