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More Childrens Birthday Party Decoration Ideas- Page 2

Here's more ideas for kids birthday party decorations:

arrow 3D Dinos   (06/09/2011)
Didn't know this was going to turn into dinosaur week, but here's two more dinosaur birthday party ideas for your preschool kids
arrow Themed Flag Banner   (05/16/2011)
Make an easy themed flag-style banner as part of your next kids birthday party decorations
arrow Teenage Party Ideas   (03/11/2011)
I'm of course thrilled to see suggesting a murder mystery game as a terrific teenage party idea - since that's exactly what my Medieval Madness party is!!
arrow Pretty Party Food Ideas   (03/04/2011)
Your birthday party food can be all or most of your decorations, and I've found you a visual resource that will give you a slew of new ideas.
arrow Present Centerpiece   (01/15/2011)
The folks over at label this a Princess Birthday Party Centerpiece, but I think it's so much more versatile than that.
arrow Dressing up the Fruit   (11/01/2010)
The younger your birthday party guests are, the more important to your sanity and the success of your party to control the sugar intake. Easy solution- dress up 'good for you' snacks so they're fun and colorful.
arrow Pink Tulle Princess Party   (10/11/2010)
Although everyone associates the pink netted fabric called tulle with tutus for ballet, pink tulle also makes wonderful princess style decorations for your princess party.
arrow    ()
Using a cardboard box, you can create a table top model of that carnival and circus staple
arrow Carnival Popcorn Cart   (09/30/2010)
for your at-home birthday party, and it won't take you that long to do it.
arrow Paper Tigers   (09/23/2010)
45 different animals you print out on single sheets of paper and cut - fold - glue into cute little paper animals for your animal themed or safari jungle birthday party.
arrow Pirate Tape   (08/23/2010)
A take off on police 'caution tape', cordon off your entry way, inside or out, with 'Beware of Pirates' tape, and the kids will be all abuzz when they arrive at your pirate birthday party.
arrow Easy Pirate Cupcakes   (08/10/2010)
You can always find the the time to whip up a batch of cupcakes from a box mix for your children's party food and then create really simple images for the top decoration- like these Pirate Cupcakes.
arrow Balloon Banner   (08/04/2010)
It may not be 'your name in lights', but a birthday banner made out of colorful balloons is a decent substitute and a colorful DIY addition to your birthday party decorations.
arrow DIY Cupcake Toppers   (08/03/2010)
Cupcakes are an easy alternative to a birthday cake. They're kid-sized and kid friendly and you can fancy them up so your birthday party food matches any party theme with simple D-I-Y cupcake toppers.
arrow Earth Friendly Feasting   (07/28/2010)
You CAN have an eco-friendly kids birthday party without depriving anybody of anything on that special day. And quite obviously, the place to start is with all that paper and plastic we all use for the childrens party food.
arrow Pirate Birthday Party Graphics   (07/21/2010)
I've found a good source for you of pirate images for your next pirate birthday party.
arrow Get out those Holiday Lights   (06/10/2010)
Those holiday lights you've got in the attic might be just the thing for your kids birthday party decorations. See how to incorporate them into your party's theme.
arrow Let There be Light   (06/09/2010)
If you're next kids birthday party is in the evening, luminarias make a beautiful and festive outside decoration to get your guests in the party spirit. And they're easy to make yourself.
arrow Cupcake Display Stand   (06/07/2010)
How I wish I had discovered this cupcake display stand back when I was shlepping goodies to school on a regular basis! This is something you can actually use for more than just your kids parties.
arrow Tiki Totems   (05/26/2010)
Great for luau party decorations, but if your guests are the right age for it, let them make your party decorations.

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