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from Elisabeth in Rio De Janeiro:
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We had a lot of fun! For us, we were the most excited ones! We couldn't have the fruits hanging for the activity, we couldn't make it work, so we passed this activity. We enjoyed to be interacting with the kids since the preparation of the party, we had the older kids involved with it and having the script for the entertaining, it worked very well!

from Nicolette in Erin:
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The Survivor Party was well received. There was lots of action to keep the kids engaged. I intended to use all the games and the kids were loving it. In the excitement I forgot a couple of the games - luckily the kids didn't notice!! The worm eating was the best...I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!!

from Terresa in La Crescent:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

We had eight girls between the ages of 6-8 and it was fabulous. The girls had a great time and the little script before each challenge really brought them into the 'survivor' world. The detailed supply list was a lifesaver along with all of the ideas for the challenges. We (Mom and Dad) were exhausted when it was all done but every girl left with smile and some face paint :- ) I will definitely look back to this site for next years party.

from Susan in Charlottesville:
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It was easy to prepare each game although it took several hours to assemble/collect materials for 6 games. The time I put in will pay off though as most everything can be used again and again. (We give lots of parties at church!)I actually had fun myself getting everything ready!

The games were fun and the kids had a blast even though we were outside and the temperature was near 100! That made the apple bobbing very successful as a way to cool off! Even though the games were suggested for younger children, I used this package with one 5 year old and nine 7-12 year old children. Two teens kept score and put on make up. Other parents wanted to know where I got the ideas for the games - they kind of knew I wasn't that clever or creative!

from Barbara in Phoenix:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

Throwing a birthday party has never been so easy and so much fun. Not only did my birthday girl and her guests enjoy themselves but her older sisters joined in too and everyone had a blast. I really enjoyed how the party, activities and everything needed for the activities was clearly outlined. It really helped in keeping the expenses in check. I will be using this party idea service again. Thank you party lady!

from Melissa in Altamonte Springs:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarBlank Star  

The Survivor party was a blast! It did take quite a bit of work to get it set up but it was worth it. The kids all had a blast and it kept them entertained the full length of the party.

Instead of coloring logos we started out the game differently. We had each child reach into a bag when they arrived and pulled out a bandanna (aka "buff") and that told them which team they were on. Then they got to design a t-shirt with their team name and logo on it. This was their take-home gift instead of a bag of unnecessary goodies. I even bought face paint and the kids had "war paint" on their faces and arms. They loved that!! Overall was a huge success and will keep the kit around for when my youngest child is a bit older and we can do it all over again! Thanks for a fun time!

from Faran in Bald Knob:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

7 year old girls loved the party, especially painting the points [score] on their faces. The forms were easy to follow and I found myself making very few adjustments to anything I needed to print.

from Tom in Ireland:
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The party was a great success thanks. I had to tweak a few games to suit our individual needs but overall the package helped to pull the party together with a great theme and the kids all had great fun.

from Wendy in San Antonio:
Review StarReview StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star  

We didn't use the party- there was too much to navigate thru to get everything accomplished and took too much time. I have ordered parties online over the last couple years and they have all had the option of having the package sent to you already printed out on cards in color with easy directions. This package had way too many areas to skip to, to print out... it was too complicated to sort thru. It would take several hours to sit down and sort thru it to get what I wanted out of it. I thought it would be more "organized" (for lack of a better word). For the amount of time it took to sort thru things I could have come up with my own party.

[I'm sorry Wendy never realized this was a 'put it together yourself' party kit. If you're looking to have everything all printed out for you - such that you can make no changes to suit your own needs or desires- this is NOT the party package for you. It WILL take you a couple of hours to pull it all together and print what you need, so if you're not willing to put that kind of time into the project, it's NOT the right party package for you. My goal is to keep costs down so it's affordable to more people. ]

from Sharon in Tucson:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

What pleased me the most was the look on my son's face during his birthday party. He was so excited and proud to have such a fun party. We had 9 children attend and we used 9 of the 13 games provided. They were so much fun!

The kids loved painting their faces, hunting treasure, eating worms, etc... They stayed very focused during the games. The silly string ambush was a hoot. I did feel like this was a lot of work to pull off, but it was definitely worth it for my son's 8th birthday.

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