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from Melinda in Evansville:
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The party was a hit, I used many of your ideas.

[NOTE FROM BIRTHDAY PARTY GAMES LADY]These are great add-on ideas for parents who like to add their touch:

It started by being welcomed to platform 9 3/4. I painted the glass door on our brick carriage house red with white to match the brick, gave each child a Hogwarts express ticket, blew a train whistle, and up the stairs (on the train) we went. I packaged some Bertie Bott's every flavor jelly beans and chocolate frogs (for sale on "return trip" home from Hogwarts - 1 galleon each. I made a sorting hat and read the poem. We had a snack with the juice cubes and sprite and finger foods. Levitated raisins (loved it), Changed the liquid color (they were excited), had a tasting contest with Bertie Botts beans and played quidditch (I made a snitch out of a styrofoam ball, covered in gold glue, usd gold twisty ties for wings, put a stick pin pointing down and hung from ceiling fan) - we did the quidditch game one. I set up a little Gringotts Bank (put out a piggy bank, money box, bag of money, coins on table) kids could withdraw money (some gold coins) and purchase the beans and frogs on the way home. Each child received harry glasses, wand, stickers, student hat.

We had tons of fun, glad we did it and thanks so much for the ideas.

from Jennifer in Chicago:
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Having this to work from saved me SO much time! I had 10 4th grade girls who had a blast!

Have a great party!