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from Kelly in Vancouver:
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My son turned 9 and I have been doing home parties with themes and games since he was 3, so this is my 7th party (and he has siblings!) so I would say I'm a home party veteran. I chose this package as a way to narrow my focus (I had 75 games chosen, literally, before this) and to introduce new games. I was really happy with the results. It was a bonus to me that it included a banner, invites, and printables. I completely agree that the games are what makes it. I found all of the suggestions, ideas, advice and choices to be realistic, achievable, and well-tested. thumbs up. I particularly appreciated the advice and explanations; thorough and they all make sense.

The kids loved this party, especially the potions and the quidditch with owls. Also the tickets were a big hit, esp with my son's younger sister, who made herself into the conductor and collected tix or gave new ones to anyone who had forgotten theirs. As I said above, I really appreciated all the notes: specific, realistic, great advice, easy to follow. All crafts and projects and materials came out great. We premade the snitches and owls since we had relatively little time, a large group, and they're not a super crafty crew. They were all happy to decorate wands, guess the jellybean jar, have a snack, and drink the magic drink (loved that! and no one spilled :), then all took their seats nicely. We had 17 kids aged 5-10, and did the party as suggested: welcome feast with a "guess the jellybeans" jar and wand-making, sorting hat, potions, concentration, then added in a "how many socks can you put on in 2 mins?" game in honour of Dobby, then quidditch 1, quidditch 2, and find Harry. We finished with pizza and cake, and were done in 2 hours (no present opening). The favourite games/activities were definitely potions and quidditch 2 (owls). We still have snitches up in our basement and they look awesome! In general: this is a great value, for sure it saved my time and money, and I would recommend this package completely, and would come back for more parties. Thanks, BPG Lady!

from Carter in Nashville:
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When my son said he wanted a Harry Potter pary I had no idea what to do, so I was thrilled when I found your package on the internet. I had 14 eight year olds and they had a ball. I was worried that they would be roudy and wild, but the fast paced party kept them so entertained that it was a breeze - and my house didn't get trashed from boys running everywhich way. Even the boys who weren't real into HP had a great time. I think they are fans now. Organization is key to everything running smoothly and not running into down time.

I changed up a few things to tailor it more to our kids. The trivia questions were wonderful - we called it "History of Hogworts" class. I did not pose the questions in the "jeopardy" fashion, but still let the teams choose a category and how many points to go for, then read them the question. I also changed up the spells to be a little more age appropriate for our group. I came up with 5 funny spells such as the "Sneezing Curse" = "Nostralus Explodium". I taught them the spells and they tested them on our "prefects" (babysitter party helpers). Sometimes they would hiccup instead of sneeze or do something else funny.

The boys that we had are very physical, so we wanted the Quiddich to be an outdoor running game. We got a seeker from each house and the rest of the players were put in a circle with their backs facing in. I clipped a small rubber ball to the waist of one child and he became the Snitch. I released the kids to run around and the seekers had to find the Snitch and pull off the ball. The Snitches ran hard the the seekers ran harder. We took turns so everyone had the chance to be a Seeker and a Snitch. They loved it and got a lot of energy out before we came back inside for cake.

from Carrie in Animas:
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Our party turned out great! The kids had so much fun and everything ran so smoothly. Even the adults had fun watching, helping, and participating. The games were great and easy to prepare for. It was a lot of prep work in the weeks prior to the party, but once it was put together, it ran very smoothly. Thank you for helping me give my 10 year old a party she and her friends will never forget!

from Marthe in Piermont:
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This package gave me the impetus to try something I would never have tried otherwise - a "do-it- yourself" birthday party. Before this, I had always either gone to a place that held parties or hired an entertainer. Although it turned out to be a lot of work, it was also really fun and exciting, and the party was far more original and interesting than any of the prior ones I've done.

A friend of mine, whose whole family is really into Harry Potter, helped - couldn't have done it without her. And together we made modifications to suit our circumstances. We also had a very big group (23 kids ranging in age from 4 to 12). To my surprise, although we had pared the format down to only several activities and although I was worried that we wouldn't have enough to keep the kids busy, we had MORE than enough. And the craft was popular with EVERYone, even the littlest kids (who of course don't have a clue about Harry Potter). All in all, it was a uniquely memorable party!

[NOTE FROM BIRTHDAY PARTY GAMES LADY] Here's the craft info if you want to do it at your party: "Wandmaking: we used 12" long wooden dowels, with glitter glue, paint, glue-on jewels, Model Magic (for those who wanted to make "handles"), and Wikki Stix (not too many kids used those). Mostly the kids used the paint and glitter glue and glue-on jewels and they made marvelous wands, very original (even the 4 and 5 year old younger siblings had fun doing it)."

from Martha in Spring:
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All the birthday party ideas you need in one easy to use document! The party was a hit and was very easy to put together! Trying to decide what kind of party to put together for a 10-year-old boy was intimidating, but this Harry Potter idea along with the games and activities simplified everything for me.

from Jeff in Bedford:
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This party was for my daughter's 9th birthday. We were hoping for more kids to attend but as it was in the summer we ended up with a total of 8 kids and it still worked out well.

The girls had a great time playing all the games although we had to skip Quidditch and the Puzzle at the end, just not enough time and nine yr. old girls really like to have down time to just hang out and I felt I had to accomodate them. Otherwise, it was great! I had also added a jelly bean guessing game! Thanks for the great ideas!

from Judy in Rye Brook:
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from Kay in Leigh:
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Hi. The party went fantastically as did the last one I purchased from you. I have also in the past bought the Survivor Party and this one was just as easy and time saving as the first one. We had the [party] over a week ago now and the kids are still talking about it. Thanks to you I am the best mother in school. Thanks again. Will see you next year and Thanks

from Kathleen in Middleburg Heights:
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from Mary Ann in Maroubra:
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All the kids had a ball and said it was the best party EVER!

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