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from Angela in Montrose:
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All of the kids had a great time with the Mystery party. We saved so much time and money with having the party at our home instead of having to go somewhere. We were able to invite many more kids this way also, as we don't have a vehicle large enough for more than 3 kids. Thank you so much for making my son's birthday party memorable!

from Danielle in West Nyack:
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We had an AWESOME time. The party was so easy to set up. The girls were so involved and I was surprised how much fun they had. My husband is a police officer and he was great as the one who basically "ran" the was a great realistic touch. The girls were running around the house with their detective pads and pens, light up necklaces and battery operated candle tea lights...I am sure that the girls will be eventually be saying "remember that murder mystery party we had at your house when we were 9? We had so much fun." More importantly, my daughter, told me more than twice, "Mom, this is great. I am having so much fun." So, thank you!!!!

from Anne marie in Hockessin:
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The detective party was perfect for a February birthday. I was looking for a party theme I could do indoors, at night, and with both 8 year old boys and girls. It was totally different and exciting. I enjoyed it as much as the kids. It was fun from the very beginning starting with the invite and the riddle. I liked how many choices you had within the party package to build the party such as places within your house to hide the clues. I have already had people approach me for your link. Great stuff; I hope you have more parties for next year to choose from. Thank you!

from Deborah in Howell:
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Kids had a blast! We changed it up slightly. Before the clue hunt began I had an inspector come in and take the fingerprints of all the suspects. We took a "test" print then cut that out and placed on 2 murder weapons. This allowed 2 killers and broke the group into 6 each for the fingerprint identification process. THANKS Deb

from Erin in Dublin:
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I had the party for a group of 5, 11 year old girls. We chose the 15 clues package so that each girl could read 3 clues. They absolutely loved the game and were extremely excited. They had to re-read several of the clues again and again because they were too anxious to start deciphering the message (instead of listening to the entire clue first). The entire game took about 1.5 hours.

Afterwards, they told me they were all little scared of the dark. I did offer to turn the lights on a several times but they refused because they wanted to follow the rules. I have seen several of the girls since the party and they are still talking about it. The set up took a bit of time but the results made it so worth it. I would highly recommend this to anyone (and already have) and plan on using other games in the future. Thanks so much!!!

from Paul in Homestead:
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Our detective party was a really big hit with my daughters friends. We had 14 kids ranging from 8-16 years old. The package saved us hours of prep and with only a few adjustments fit our group to a tee. Many thanks!

from Miriam in Covina:
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Clues were awesome-- though it did take a while before the 11 yr old girls figured them out. I didn't want to be the murderer- thought it would be fun for one of the girls to be it and of course my daughter to be the ghost. Her friend did get a kick out of being the one. Because I had purchased the ink pads (2) from the dollar store, I created a game to be able to get the fingerprint I needed for the last clue. I had each girl draw a picture (anything they wanted out of their fingerprints) of course only using their index finger. Some drew mickey mouse, a flower, a happy face, etc. They were all very cute. But I made sure that all girls wrote their names on the back first-- then my daughter (w/o knowing whose picture was whose) picked out her favorite. The winner recd a small prize. I got the murderers picture and enlarged one fingerprint to use. At the end, when they compared fingerprints, it was obvious who did it looking through the magnifying glass (again purchased at dollar store). It was pretty easy just printing out the clues, stuffing envelopes, and hiding them. For a last minute party, it was soooo awesome. Thank you!!!

from Jane in Pierre:
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Our party was for a nine yar old boy. We had 11 boys participate. The party was very easy to put together - everything went smoothly. The clues are a bit too long for some of the boys to read and keep the others attention. So I did read some of the clues.

from Nanci in Washington:
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It was great. The girls loved it.

from Edith in Oakland:
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Fabulous party for 14 8&9 year old girls! It was set up so everyone participated and no one felt left out! It was a lot of fun! I got the fingerprint cards and changed things a bit. The girls were fingerprinted in the beginning as part of their initiation as Detectives. That way, they thought the murderer's fingerprint could really belong to one of them. Also, I had my birthday girl help me in coming up with their alleged criminals acts and aliases. She had a lot of fun ideas that I would not have come up with. The girls thought it was hilarious.

For my group, the perfect amount of time for the party would have been 2 hours. We scheduled 3 hours so I had a back up activity. Also, I under estimated the girls in creating the anagrams.


I separated first and last names and they guessed the correct names almost instantly. I would suggest mixing all the letters in both first and last names to make it more challenging as suggested. The girls carefully examined the fingerprint but were unable to discover which one of them was the murderer. They did realize that the print was bigger than theirs. Then they examined the hands of my husband, mother and myself. I had ink on my finger and that's how they identified me as the murderer.

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