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from Franchesca in St. Louis:
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The game was great and was perfect for the 9/10 year old crowd. The only problem I had was with the lack of planning on my OWN part. I hadn't completely read through all the materials or instructions until I went to set up game an hour before the party started. It still went off without a hitch but it was a little unnerving for me. If I had simply printed and read through everything the night before, I would have eliminated this problem entirely. Otherwise, it was a great game and a great experience.

from Laura in Madison:
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We used the detective package as part of a sleepover party for my son's 10th birthday,our house is small so our numbers were low. We had 6 kids altogether. Each child had 2 clues to read. I made a detective kit for each child that also served as party favors with a headlamp, small notebook and pen. The boys loved the party! They really got into it. I have heard from all the parents and the kids had a blast!

from Melissa in Altamonte Springs:
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The kids thoroughly enjoyed the Detective Party! I had 8 nine-year olds and I was really surprised at how much enthusiasm they had in solving the crime. Some of them knew the answers to the clues before the whole clue was read! We used fake blood to freak them out a bit, but they caught on pretty quickly. I could have never pulled this off without the kit from this website. It's our second year of buying and are super happy with all the ideas/kits we've purchased. Saved me both time and money. Overall great party idea and the kids had a blast!

from Carolyn in Plainfield:
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Loved it! I bought the detective party package to use for my daughter's sleepover party this past March and it was wonderful! The kids really got into it. There were a couple kids that were scared of the dark but most of the kids wanted the lights off so we tried to compromise by having one light on on each floor of the house. We did give small flashlights as part of the party favor so that each had a flashlight. The kids really enjoyed it! One girl is interested in having one of these parties for her family party and another girl was asking if we could do one when she slept over on another day. The kids obviously liked it!

from Robert in Arlington:
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The party worked out great. We had seven 10 and 11 year old girls, plus one sibling. We used riddles for the extra envelopes; whoever solved the riddle first got to read the clue. I worried the clues would be too easy or too hard, but they were just right, with a few that were more challenging, so it worked out really well. They loved doing the fingerprinting at the end and they solved that part super fast with good magnifying glasses. It was easy to prepare; wonderful not to have to come up with all the details on my own. Printing was easy and didn't take that much time. The invitations were so simple, but got the girls really excited about the party. I felt we got our money's worth from it for sure.

from Donna in Toronto:
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Huge time saving for me and the kids had a great time. My only comment would be I'd prefer if the clues would be shorter as the large group of boys had a hard time focussing on the child reading the clues. Thx!

from Kevin in Cypress:

The Detective Party was awesome! I used the cast from I Carly for the names. A bit chaotic with 19 kids--but it worked!

from Melissa in Charlottesville:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

The party was a huge success for nine year old girls! They loved using flashlights to locate clues. It was a relief to have all the clues written for me and the kids really loved the finger printing cards. I would definitely recommend this party!

from Jeffrey in Germantown:
Review StarReview StarReview StarReview StarReview Star  

We absolutely loved the party! While there was a bit of a learning curve with the directions et al, once we got the hang of it, it was smooth. The birthday girl and her friends were ensconced from the beginning of the mystery until the end. Thank you so much! The clues provided ample amount of challenge and were creatively written. We couldn't have done it without you!

from Tricia in Delhi:
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The kids had a blast. The birthday boy had a wonderful time. In his own words "That was the best time I've ever had!" It was rather easy to do and organize. The hardest part was trying to keep the kids calm enough to listen to the clues as they were read. One of the little party guests thought someone should have been abducted while they were hunting for clues. The fingerprinting was rather amusing especially when they found out that the birthday boy's beloved aunt (me) was the murderer. Everyone thought the invitations were fantastic! So to sum it all up; A great time was had by all. Including me (the murderer).

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