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from Leslie in Fanwood:
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My daughter's party was great! All the kids enjoyed it. Thank you!

from Jada in Marysville:
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This is the first time I haven't 'created' the birthday party myself. Generally I spend weeks getting 'unique' parties put together for my two sons. This year, I just didn't have the extra time available. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to have the 'brain' work taken out of the equation!

from Anonymous in :
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We threw the party for my daughter who was turning 8. We had 19 girls, ranging in age from 6 to 11 (the majority were in the 8-9 age range) and all seemed to have a great time. My six-year-old even said she wanted to have this party when she turns 7! The package made this all possible as I would never have attempted something like this on my own, especially with that many children in attendance. We ended up splitting the girls into two groups and I ran the "treasure hunt" twice while the other group was in another room playing the "Who Am I" game and doing some other activities. We brought the two teams back together for the final clue so that they could solve the mystery together.

It was so wonderful to be able to have the party at my house and not have to come up with the games and activities on my own. Plus, it was a completely new and unique idea that none of them had done before. Truly a great party from all perspectives!

from Marisa in Wichita:
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Actually ended up not having party. But it sure looked fun. Hopefully will use it next year.

from Michael in Herston:
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I found the detail of the information supplied was excellent and extremely good value for money. I should mention that because of the cultural differences (we are in Australia) I actually had to rewrite most of the clues to suit areas we have in the house (most don't have "closets" for eg.) and to compensate for language differences so I didn't find the overall party saved me much time. However, the story and basic outline, suggestion of anagrams, fingerprinting, warm-up guessing game etc. were fantastic. I would not have thought of any of these without your foundation.

The kids 10 boys 9-10 years - had an absolutely wonderful time and were completely engaged. A few things we added:

  • 1) For the invitation I attached the "Nine was fine but 10 may not be so kind..." rhyme as a "ransom" type note, with cut out letters from magazines
  • 2) We prefaced the sending of the actual invitation with a series of teaser notes left anonomously in the children's desks at school - each day they just said: "Who?" then, "Why?" then, "How?" and so on - the kids went crazy!!
  • 3) For the pre-game, we played "Pass the Bomb". Black balloons were passed around the circle one at a time (like pass the parcel). When the music stopped (we had the theme from "Ghostbusters" and "Grim Grinning Ghosts") the boy holding the balloon, detonated the bomb by sitting on it. Inside was a detective task he needed to perform in order to earn his detective kit for the main game (a torch/notepad/magnifying glass & pen) - the tasks included: what's in the box?, what on earth is that smell?, name that teacher, guess that potato crisp flavour etc.
  • 4) We made the first two letter clues written in invisible ink.
I think that's all. Anyway, a really great evening the kids are still talking about and not too many subsequent nightmares I believe. Thanks so much. I will definitely credit you for this one & sing your praises! My son said it was the best ever! Thanks

from Sandeep in Monmouth Junction:
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The party was excellent. Thanks.

from Carrie in Longmont:
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My 10 year old daughter loved this party! She was able to help me create the anagrams for the envelopes, stuffed the envelopes and helped me with the "Who am I?" portion of the party. It was a huge success and lots of fun!

from Kathy in Florissant:
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The kids thought it was awesome and had a blast finding the clues. With a little help and steering them in the right direction, they did just fine. The "who am I" was definitely challenging, but fun too.

from Heidi in Skokie:
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The party of 9 10-year-old girls and boys was terrific! They were busy for 2 hours with a lunch break in between. It was so enjoyable listening to them try and figure out the clues. It was really a wonderful team building exercise- great idea for this age group to share with each other. Thank you!!!

from Lynette in London:
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What a brilliant party - the guests were astounded that my 9 year old son (birthday boy) had been murdered by his Dad - for not practicing his guitar! The anagrams on the envelopes were a great idea and I managed to chose numerous(naughty) ones so there was a lot of laughter. The party took about 1.5 hours and they sure worked up an appetite and had fun. It is an economical and unique party and great to have it in your home. The 14 boys were so busy solving and thinking that they were all really calm and no one got out of hand. Highly recommended.

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