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I need one of three things to process your refund request: your authorization # (used to access your party package), your email address (the one used in placing your party order) or your transaction # from your payment receipt (provided by either or PayPal, when they processed your payment).

Please note that your email is the most difficult identifier to use as the matching process is case sensitive for the match with my database which recorded your email as entered when you placed your order, i.e. it may be all caps, part caps, all lower case.

But before we go there, please be advised that if it's a matter of your child deciding against a particular party, or upon inspection it looks too juvenile or too advanced, I'm happy to switch you to a different party package. Just use the "Got a Question" navigation tab to send me an email with your request (including one of the three identifiers referenced above).

To request a party refund, complete the form below and hit the "Request Refund" button. Please allow a business day or two for processing. You'll receive email confirmation at the address you enter when processed.

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