Here's more ideas for parties for kids age 6 to 8:

arrow LEGO Kirigami Decorations
Simple LEGO men paper chains as birthday party decorations- cure and simple to make.
arrow Pinata Tips #2
With this second set of tips on how to make a pinata, you're all set for a great pinata birthday party game.
arrow Pinata Tips #1
Making your own birthday party game pinata together with your birthday child is a terrific way to get your son or daughter involved in the party prep and to have some fun together doing it
arrow Angry Birds Pinata
Kids love to play the pinata birthday part game, and with these easy instructions for an Angry Birds pinata there's no reason to spend a bunch of money to buy one ready made
arrow Angry Birds Cupcakes
Think a bit outside the box when it comes to your kids birthday party food and you'll be serving these adorable Angry Birds Cupcakes instead of a birthday cake
arrow Angry Birds Slingshot Game
Turning this video game into a manageable Angry Birds birthday party game has now been accomplished
arrow Angry Birds To Make
It's a double shot to find a birthday party craft that then can double as your birthday party decorations once the kids have had the fun of making their own Angry Birds
arrow Angry Birds Cakepops or Cookies
These eye-popping Angry Birds edible birthday party favors are great do-it-together party prep projects for you and your birthday child
arrow Angry Birds Party Favor Cups
These fun and funky Angry Birds birthday party favor cups are just the thing for your Angry Birds party
arrow Angry Birds Dodgeball
This Angry Birds version of a dodge ball birthday party game will run some energy off your party guests
arrow Funny Bones
Funny Bones is a birthday party game like Twister but without the cost of buying the game
arrow Angry Birds PomPoms
These Angry Birds are pretty cute and pretty easy for your party kids to make, and, like all good birthday party crafts, gives the kids a take-home so you don't have to worry it
arrow Challenging Thinking Puzzles
You'll be amazed at how hard they'll work to get the right answer when the puzzle they've been given is a team challenge structured as a birthday party game
arrow Angry Birds Party Ideas
If your child and friends are into the Angry Birds games, it will make a great birthday party theme for him or her
arrow Heart Garland
These are nice Do-It-Yourself birthday party decorations that look great and cost very little
arrow QTip Art
This is a simple, undemanding artistic birthday party craft activity suitable for the little ones
arrow CatArt iPad App
This is just too funny and if you've got the app on your iPad you've got a kids activity on call anytime you need it that will keep you child AND your cat busy for a bit and having fun
arrow Balloon Yo Yo
A simple, creative and fun birthday party craft and game- what more could you ask for the price of some balloons, some rubber bands and some rice
arrow Indoor 'Ball' Games
Lots of fun and laughs from these silly 'ball' birthday party games, and some energy burned off too, even when they're stuck inside during the winter
arrow The Cutest Lego Invitation
A clever birthday party invitation goes a long way toward getting your party guests into the groove and this Lego invitation is as clever as they come

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