Here's more ideas for parties for kids age 6 to 8:

arrow Indoor Bowling
With old soda bottles or styrofoam cups, create an indoor bowling birthday party game that perfectly matches your party theme
arrow Balloon Pastry Pops
An edible balloon party idea that gives you a pretty display on your party food table and can be your take-home party favor too.
arrow Mural Project
Making a party themed mural can work for so many different birthday party themes-and it turns that awkward 'arrival time' into actual party time by incorporating this group art project right into your party as your birthday party craft
arrow Tail Tag
The tail tag birthday party game is the perfect energy-expending, run-around game in include for your animal or jungle or safari themed birthday party.
arrow Drawing Disney
Give the gift of art with a learning to draw instructional book to the right child, and your birthday party gift will be greatly appreciated
arrow Pirate Ship
This pirate ship table is so much fun and so unique that you really don't need any other birthday party decorations at your pirate party.
arrow Beyblades
Beyblades are a welcome entry into the 21st century toy box and they make a great kids birthday gift.
arrow Animal Concentration
Animal concentration is a simple birthday party game that has withstood the test of time and tweaks beautifully to fit your animal or jungle or safari party theme.
arrow Character Bags
Turn things upside down and add a tweak, and these animal paper bag puppet templates can become really cool party treat bags for your animal or jungle or safari themed birthday party
arrow About Technology
I strongly encourage all parents to take the time to read this thoughtful and thought provoking article as a first step in establishing a realistic and healthy technology game plan for your house and your kids
arrow Easy Kids CD
Keep your birthday party favors reasonable in both cost and effort with a kids' mix CD you burn with your child's favorites
arrow Animal Games
Spend just a few minutes choosing animals appropriate to the age of your party group and with 20 animal questions you've got another birthday party game to go along with your animal or safari or jungle party theme
arrow Hedgehog Cake
Pretty much just as easy as making any cake, this hedgehog cake will be the hit of your animal themed birthday party
arrow Allergy Friendly Treats
Sadly, allergies seem to have become much more common, so we parents all need to adjust our thinking when it comes to those birthday party foods we send in to school- in those communities where they still permit it
arrow Scavenger Hunt Software
If getting an age-appropriate and appropriately challenging scavenger hunt together is a challenge for you, check out this unique birthday party games resource
arrow Candy Buffet
A birthday party candy buffet will serve you as game prizes, birthday party food (snack), birthday party decorations and kids party favors
arrow Homemade Cookies To Go
Cookies make inexpensive yet creative kids birthday party favors AND give you some nice together time making them for the party with your birthday child.
arrow Monster Cupcakes
Not exactly official Star Wars, but these monster cupcakes would sure look good on your table at your Star Wars party
arrow More Balloon Games
Two inexpensive balloon birthday party games for elementary school aged kids
arrow Origami Triple Play
Simple origami for kids makes a delightfully different birthday gift and can be a useful quiet activity for a sleepover party.

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