Here's more ideas for parties for kids age 6 to 8:

arrow Princess Paper Dolls
Princess paper dolls make a good 'slow them down' activity for your party girls at a slumber party
arrow Paper Hand Puppets
These hand puppets make a wonderful birthday party craft or an at-home alone or quiet playdate activity
arrow Up Melon Granita
In a fancy cup it's a grown-up Granita, in a paper cup it's a Snow Cone, and whichever way you serve it it's easy to make and a delightful summer treat
arrow Games or Money?
Lower the bar, not raise it, in your neighborhood or school district with fun and inexpensive games instead of competing in the birthday party olympics
arrow Nail Polish Roulette
Make a fun game out of this spa or sleepover party girls staple
arrow Water Target
Create targets for those water pistols or water cannons using styrofoam and you've got a great team party game for your summer outdoor birthday party.
arrow Frisbee Golf
Frisbee golf or frisbee darts are both an easy and fun game to include at your summer outdoor birthday party.
arrow Summer Balloons
Here's 3 summer outdoor birthday party games using just balloons and pool noodles
arrow Star Wars Party Games
Star Wars makes a terrific party theme for any child that loves the movies, and these 3 party games and party favor will make your celebration a big hit
arrow Make 'Em Laugh
I'd forgotten all about this simple birthday party game that gets them acting and laughing and having fun.
arrow Graphic Bags
With cute themed party favor bags using your scissors, glue sticks and clip art from the web, it becomes far less important what's inside
arrow Mario 9 Wii
For families that own a Wii, join forces with one or more other parents and pool your birthday gift funds to give a Mario Party 9 Wii game that the whole family will enjoy playing together.
arrow Camping Party
A camping birthday party is great fun for the kids and pretty easy to put together in the good summer weather- here's both an invitation and a game idea for this party theme.
arrow Backyard Games
String together a bunch of these old favorite backyard games for your next summer outdoor birthday party and everyone will have a fun time
arrow Backyard Golf
Backyard golf is an easy game to set up and perfect for a summer outdoor birthday party
arrow In
You needn't be an artist to pull off this home-made carnival-style game board for your summer outdoor party
arrow Jump Rope Games
Pair these energetic jump rope games with a pool or sprinkler cool off, popsicles or ice cream treats, and you've got the making of fun, old fashioned backyard party for your summer birthday girl
arrow Wheeled Obstacle Course
Send them careening around your backyard obstacle course on their favorite set of wheels for a fun and easy summer outdoor party game.
arrow 3
Bubbles are always a hit and you can make it a group activity suitable for a party with these ideas and cool bubble blowing tricks.
arrow Tips To Keep Kids Writing Over The Summer
Everybody focuses on keeping the kids reading over the long summer months, but here's ideas for keeping them writing, and enjoying it too.

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