Magic Wand

How about a party where it's the KIDS that do all the work?

And have a blast doing it. Now there's a concept...

The Magica Party

You're sitting down enjoying a quiet moment: the kids are off doing something together. Then- here they come. "Mom, Dad, will you watch our skit?" This has happened to me it seems like a thousand times. They LOVE doing this! So I developed my Magica party to give the girls what they love to do.

For this birthday party, they'll be the Fairytale Players, presenting the original play "Saving Magica".

And they love EVERY MINUTE!!

Kids love magic and fantasy, and that's the basis of Magica's plot. It's got good v. evil, Queens and Princesses, witches and a Sorceress, a Fairy and a Fairy Godmother. All the stuff they really get into. It's age appropriately simple so they really can put it all together during your party. It's written for 10 players, and unless I've got it all wrong as the mother of 2 girls, this IS a girl thing. Reading and thinking skills require that the kids be in 5th or 6th grade- 4th if they're an advanced group or it's late in the school year.

And the real beauty of this party is the kids do almost all the work!

Before I give you the full-blown description of the actual Magica Party game, here are the

Quick Facts- so you know exactly what's involved with these birthday party games

  • VERY QUICK to put together. Preparation is simply printing the invitations and scripts, and assembling your prop materials, which is not a big deal. Figure about an hour of printing and an hour of preparation once you've got your supplies. Click here to see the exact preparation required

  • nothing to buy except food

  • cheaper than all the usual party "extras" you now don't have to buy. Click here to see why

  • available for IMMEDIATE download in either .pdf format or as WORD files. NO SNAIL MAIL- the download is easy and requires no computer expertise. Check it out here.

  • You just need to set up a space for their stage, an area about 10' x 10', plus space to squeeze in the audience. Outside, that's easy. Inside, you can use your basement, rec room, garage, even a cleared out end of your living room- they're doing a play, not making a mess or acting wild.

  • for 10 girls - including the birthday child

  • it's a 90 minutes to 3 hour party excluding cake & ice cream- depending whether you choose to have the kids make a backdrop and/or do hair/makeup.

  • suitable for indoors or outside- under the stars on your patio is great, or even in your garage!!

Quick to put together- the kids really do all the work!

Theatre Marquee

Thespians At Work

You get scripts for each player that, obviously, contain the plot but also include stage directions (exit, curtain, etc.) and space for each player to write in their dialogue (based on the action in the script). It's simple enough that no one has many lines or actions to remember, and writing their own lines helps them learn it.

The Props

Drama Masks

Your required props involve

  • cutting up a big box or two for your castle tower and drawbridge
  • finding a big pot, an old broomstick handle and a junky old big necklace
    • or making a paper chain necklace instead
  • You'll need 2 sheets, a mirror, some gooseneck lamps and flashlights
    • or all flashlights

That's All!

You can also lengthen your party and have the kids make some additional, simple props: a castle wall backdrop (more boxes or a roll of brown craft paper and paint), princess hats and witches wands. I strongly recommend you include the making of the backdrop- we used ours for years after the party for various other activites the girls dreamed up.

Dress Rehearsal


They've come in costume, now let them do make-up and hair to fit their parts! This component is optional, but the girls love it. Just provide the make-up and brushes, etc.- cheap drug store stuff they can share. A helper is a good idea here.

Now they're all ready!!

Parents and siblings should have arrived. Turn out the lights, and LET THE SHOW BEGIN!!!

It doesn't have to be ready to open on Broadway- the fun is in the doing.

The Invitation: What the Heck is 'Saving Magica'?

It tells them very little other than that, so their imaginations go to work and they get all excited about your theatre party games!

Includes the Parent invitation that slips inside (2 to choose from: 1 inviting the family, the other limiting it to 1 or 2 people if you have limited audience space.)

See it full size, see how easy easy it is to edit in your party particulars, see the Directory of all the party components for printing the entire party with the Magica Test Drive. (This is a .pdf document requiring Adobe Reader - it's free.) If you're on a MAC, please note that MAC's built in pdf reader does NOT properly render the invitation edits like your child's name, but Adobe Reader WILL render them properly.)

Theatre Party Invitation

And when they're all juiced up for your party- it's a guaranteed success! Plus, your birthday child will be the center of attention for days before the party- and that makes a happy camper!

Your satisfaction with your purchase is GUARANTEED

Don't like what you get? Just request a refund- it's a FUN GUARANTEE!! So you've got nothing to lose except your worries about getting it all together in time and producing a great party for the kids.

Party Anxiety   Indecision   Relief is at hand!!

Spend your precious time enjoying the Kids. You won't be playing 'bad cop' because the kids will be fully engaged with the Saving Magica play. You won't be exhausted and stressed-out because everything is provided for this unique and fun kids party: complete printing instructions and game directions, invitations and envelopes, ideas for ordering inexpensive (on-line) optional party favors: it's ALL in the package.

And to repeat, the Kids think this party is 'AWESOME'. Be sure to see what parents have said in the yellow column at the right.

A couple of hours to put together - Memories for Years

All at a price cheaper than almost any party you can organize yourself.

Engaged kids, everything all organized so all you do is print

Complete Directions
Printing Instructions
Printable game props where applicable
Hugs and "thanks you's" for such a great party
Printable Thank You Notes (digital/print photo ready)
$10+ Value
$1 Save the Children donation
Feel Good / Do Good Value
10% Rebate coupon for second premium party purchase within 6 months
$5.00 Value
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Photo of me and my kids

Have a Great Time!


P.S. The girls have so much fun with this party you don't even need to feel guilty about how little time it took you to put it together for them.