Here's more teenage party ideas:

arrow Hula Lula Luau   (05/25/2010)
Challenge your young luau party guests to do the hula- and it WILL be a challenge! Best for a teen luau party, but it also works with younger kids, especially the younger girls.
arrow the Luau Limbo   (05/24/2010)
Whether grade school age, pre-teens or teens, your luau party wouldn't be complete without a limbo contest.
arrow Do It Themselves Luau Kebobs   (05/17/2010)
Keep 'em busy at your next boy-girl teen (or pre-teen) luau party by having them make the food AND cook it!
arrow The Luau Fashion Walk   (05/14/2010)
A great way to ease on into the co-ed parties that preteens and teens want, yet still have the games and activities that keep them under control, is with a luau party theme.
arrow Gift Cards for Teens and Preteens   (05/08/2010)
I'm most definitely NOT a fan of gift cards- BUT they do have their place and I find certain ones to be perfect for birthday party gifts for hard to please teens and preteens.
arrow Teenage Blues   (04/23/2010)
For that teenage boy that loves music. For that teenage boy that's 'so cool' that he's really difficult to buy anything for. The portable and affordable harmonica...
arrow Fragrant Gift Basket   (04/02/2010)
Sweet smelling skin care products all gussied up to look beautiful make a pretty and affordable birthday party gift for almost any age girl.
arrow Getting those RSVPs   (03/22/2010)
So how do you actually get parents to respond to your birthday party invitations so you can plan properly and not spend money on non-existent guests? Here's some tips.
arrow Slumber Party Pizzeria   (02/16/2010)
Party Pizza needn't just be food, it can be one of your kids party games!
arrow Mask Making   (03/19/2010)
Making glamorous Mardi Gras masks is a perfect birthday party craft activity any time of the year for girls age 10 and up.

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Have a great party!