Here's more teenage party ideas:

arrow ProSkater2 Video Game   (05/25/2011)
A video game for preteen or young teen boys that's not violent but still fun and engaging - what a good idea for a kids birthday gift
arrow Make a Movie   (05/12/2011)
Get your birthday child involved in putting their party together and create a unique video birthday party invitation
arrow Karaoke is Easier than You Think   (04/22/2011)
Got a bunch of aspiring performers coming for a sleepover? Give them karaoke as one of your birthday party games and they'll have a wonderful time. It's not a hard or expensive as you might think.
arrow Dance Off   (04/19/2011)
Expending energy is ALWAYS a good thing at a kids birthday party, and dancing does it really well. Doesn't matter if they're little or big, it works
arrow ChocoBerries   (04/15/2011)
These very elegant party strawberries are fit for a king as well as for your young birthday party guests.
arrow Puzzles for the Brain   (03/29/2011)
Rubik's Cube has been challenging minds since it appeared on the scene in 1974, and puzzles make great kids birthday gifts.
arrow Teenage Party Ideas   (03/11/2011)
I'm of course thrilled to see suggesting a murder mystery game as a terrific teenage party idea - since that's exactly what my Medieval Madness party is!!
arrow New Slumber Party Rules   (03/01/2011)
I'd never have thought of this 'rule' to keep slumber parties as civilized as possible, but it's a great idea so I pass it along to all.
arrow Shirt Fashions   (02/25/2011)
This craft can be pretty much your whole party for your next preteen or young teen girls birthday. They'll be busy for at least an hour creating, chit chatting, modeling, then doing it all over again only better.
arrow Lie Detector   (02/23/2011)
Lie Detector is a good warm-up birthday party game for your preteen, teen or older elementary school age (i.e. age 9 - 10) party. And, it will work with either boys or girls.
arrow Pirates Liar Dice Game   (02/11/2011)
This is a game that actually teaches the math concept of probability, and is apparently a blast to play, so clearly it makes a nice kids birthday gift.
arrow Giving the Giving Lesson   (02/07/2011)
Perhaps this lousy economy has given parents a good way to get their child thinking in the direction of turning their birthday party gifts into a charitable gift.
arrow Cooking with your Teen   (02/01/2011)
I've posted in the past about cooking parties for kids, but cooking is also a good way to do something together with and maybe even get into a conversation with your teenager.
arrow Picking a Charity Instead of Gifts   (12/14/2010)
Next time you and your child see one of the supermarket Santas, do let your child put some coins or bills in the bucket, and I'd like to also suggest a conversation about your child's next birthday party and the birthday party gifts.
arrow Handmade at Etsy   (12/13/2010)
Just in time for Christmas gifts and always there for delightful, handmade kids birthday gifts, I wanted to make sure you all knew about this website.
arrow Slumber Party Easy   (08/11/2010)
The longer you have the party kids in your house, the more they will eat. So slumber parties require lots of party food, but you needn't knock yourself out preparing it.
arrow Balloon Banner   (08/04/2010)
It may not be 'your name in lights', but a birthday banner made out of colorful balloons is a decent substitute and a colorful DIY addition to your birthday party decorations.
arrow Easy Stencil Technique   (06/15/2010)
I've found a very easy method to stencil your personal touch onto any fabric for unique and inexpensive party favors for kids.
arrow Get out those Holiday Lights   (06/10/2010)
Those holiday lights you've got in the attic might be just the thing for your kids birthday party decorations. See how to incorporate them into your party's theme.
arrow Let There be Light   (06/09/2010)
If you're next kids birthday party is in the evening, luminarias make a beautiful and festive outside decoration to get your guests in the party spirit. And they're easy to make yourself.

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