The Teenage Party- this doesn't have to be a scary prospect

CheckMark All kids, even teenagers, LIKE to be entertained

CheckMark When they're busy having appropriate fun, they're NOT busy having INAPPROPRIATE fun

CheckMark So keeping them engaged in games that they find interesting and fun will take away alot of your worries about hosting this party

CheckMark In the 'Been There- Done That' department:

Feel free to make it clear on your invitation that yours is a 'No Alcohol' party, and if that's NOT OK, it's OK that they don't come

Patrol the grounds around the house for hidden stashes

Be noticeably present and about during the entire party

Here are 3 ideas for your consideration:

#1 Host this medieval murder mystery and they'll be engaged in the scheming and plotting for several hours.

Medieval King

One of our 5 Done-For-You 'Print-n-Go' party packages, this murder mystery is content appropriate for young teens and challenging enough for older kids.

Follow this link for the full details about this murder mystery party, but don't be put off by the age recommendation of 11-13+. Yes, this game can be played by tweens and just teens, but these younger kids don't take the game nearly as far or as deep as older ones do. There's more plot lines provided than the younger kids use, so there's plenty for the older kids to work with.

And, of course, older kids bring more highly developed thinking and plotting and scheming skills to the game! They just take it to a whole 'nother level.

#2 Another 'seemingly' grown up party is a Casino Night full of games that most of the kids will never have played-


Perecieved as a 'grown-up' thing to do, a Casino themed party is cool from the get-go. And while they do get to socialize at a casino themed party, they're also busy learning and playing the games, and focused to win.

Put it right on your invitation- 'No Gambling- Only Fun Allowed', and encourage the kids to 'Dress for Vegas'.

You'll need poker chips, which are quite reasonable to buy, or use pennies, marbles, match sticks, anything at all. I'd recommend a silly prize for whoever ends up with the most chips or pennies at the end of the evening.

Borrow some card tables and chairs as needed, but it's OK to have a few less seats than players as the kids will want to socialize too. Make some dice trays from beer/soda trays. You'll need enough decks of cards and dice for every game you plan to include.

Every game needs a dealer, but no one wants to be stuck doing that all night, so rotate them through it; for example, have the winner at every table become the dealer for the next game, and then move on.

Games can include poker and blackjack, and there's a bunch of other fun dice games you can add. If you're game and have the room, you can buy a craps table cover pretty reasonably and they'll have loads of fun playing this intricate and addictive game. One BIG ADVANTAGE to including a craps game is that you'll want and need an adult as the croupier- keeping that adult presence in the room without it feeling overbearing to the kids.

Complete your Casino Night party plan with these food and decorating ideas. Have the tunes going. The kids will be busy and focused on the games as well as on each other, things will stay in control, and everybody will have a great time!

#3 Introduce your party guests to the Mafia or Werewolf psych-mind game- same game, diffferent set of characters.

Gun and Rose

This is a mentally challenging 'who-dun-it' game that has swept through college campuses in Russia, Europe and the US and has even spawned an on-line version that's quite popular.

The game is probably best suited to a somewhat smaller group (minimum of 7, 9 or 11 is optimal), and a less formal get together than a birthday party. Keep it in your bag of tricks as an activity when you end up with a gang at your house.

All it takes to play is selected cards from a standard deck and an understanding of the game rules. Here's a synopsis of the game:

  • Roles are assigned using the cards- narrator (game director), townspeople, mafia (or werewolves), detective/seer and doctor. There are more townspeople than badguys.
  • There are two repeating phases of the game- night and day. During the night phase, no words may be spoken and everything is done by gesture. All heads go down and the narrator tells the mafia/werewolves to heads up, to acknowledge each other, and to silently choose a 'victim'.
  • Heads up for the day phase, talking now permitted, and here's the fun. Everyone partipates as a villager (even the as yet unknown 'bad guys'), in the quest to determine and punish the evildoers. This is a time of accusation, suspicion and deception. Detectives/seers and the doctor mix it all up and make the game that much more interesting.
  • Play continues during subsequent night and day phases until either the townspeople eliminate all the bad guys or vice versa.

The fun is figuring out what's real and what's not, and playing your part so as not to get caught out or eliminated yourself. It's a cerebral challenge the kids will enjoy. And it costs you nothing more than the snacks and beverages to keep them going.

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