How to keep the younger set busy, happy and involved- so YOU and your wallet can SURVIVE!

The "Challenge to Survive" this birthday has the kids all primed to have a great time the minute they walk in your door- virtually guaranteeing your party's success. And our limited time RECESSION PRICING SPECIAL is a great deal for these birthday party games.

The Survivor Party Games Package

It doesn't matter if the TV show is running and everyone's talking about it or not!  Beyond the name, the party bears little resemblance to the show- no one is voted "off" and it's structured as a friendly and fun team competition.

The survivor party ideas are a series of short, quick moving birthday party games- all age appropriate to 6 and 7 and 8 year olds. (If considering this party for kids older than 8, be sure to read this.) The survivor party games sequence together around the Survivor theme. The children use their brains, their imaginations, do some 'yucky stuff' that they love, and make a lot of noise.

Imagine YOU having as much fun as the kids!

It's all fast paced enough for a bunch of 6, 7 and 8 year olds but challenging enough for them to have lots of fun, and to stay tuned in so you can enjoy them having their fun. No loose cannons- no need to be the bad guy.

Before I give you the full-blown description of the actual survivor games, here are the

Quick Facts-

so you know exactly what's involved with these birthday party games

  • 13 different games included- you choose which ones (or all) to include

  • Preparation time is about 2 hours once you've assembled your supplies (list provided), depending somewhat on which games you choose. Click here to see the exact preparation required

  • just a few things to buy, plus food- many you'll have around the house and you can choose those games with the fewest needed purchases.

  • cheaper than all the usual party "extras" you now don't have to buy. Click here to see why

  • available for IMMEDIATE download in either .pdf format or as WORD files. NO SNAIL MAIL- the download is easy and requires no computer expertise. Check it out here.

  • no one if "voted off" - it's age appropriate.

  • all 13 games for 15 to 20 kids would take 2 1/2 hours to play, so you'll probably want to pick those 8-10 games that appeal to you the most.

  • I recommend a minimum of 10 and no more than 20 children for 2 teams of either 5 or 10, or anything in between. And it's easy to work around an odd number should that occur.

  • suitable for indoors or outside- even the one water-based game they love can easily be done inside.
  • Now - on to the FUN...

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    Beginning with a desert island themed invitation and the challenge to Survive the Birthday that gets them all excited, your guests are greeted with a Poster you cut and paste together continuing the theme.

    The party starts with a simple but silly game to get them organized into teams on their own (not so easy at this age!), and then they get or make their team "logos" so team members are readily identifiable. These activities are followed by a 'treasure hunt' that lures them off to your party room for the first real game.

    The Games

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    Choose from a word game to find the things they need to survive, an eating contest that appears to be "gross" but isn't, an indoor version of shooting hoops (requires very little space), and a "junk" construction competition.

    In all but the worst weather, get them outside for at least one athletic game, and in nice weather or temperate climates a couple of water based games- they still LOVE anything having to do with water! One of these water games can easily be moved inside- with minimal mess.

    The host(ess) keeps a running score and all the while keeps the competitive spirit going. Or better yet, buy make-up in the team colors and let the kids keep score after each game with a new face stripe or spot for the winning team members! Their wild looks will help keep the game spirit up too!

    Move them back inside for more "yucky" stuff and the challenge to find out which team is the quickest with the right answers. There's an ambush, and then the funniest cake & ice cream finale you ever saw!

    The Invitation gets them all excited

    See it full size, see how easy easy it is to edit in your party particulars, see the Directory of all the party components for printing and preview the 13 different games with the Survivor Test Drive. (This is a .pdf document requiring Adobe Reader - it's free. If you're on a MAC, please note that MAC's built in pdf reader does NOT properly render the invitation edits like your child's name, but the adobe reader will render them properly.)

    Detective Party Invitation

    The "Challenge to Survive" birthday party games gets their curiosity and excitement going.

    And when they're all juiced up for your party- it's a guaranteed success! Plus, your birthday child will be the center of attention for days before the party- and that makes a happy camper!

    Your satisfaction with your purchase is GUARANTEED

    Don't like what you get? Just request a refund- it's a FUN GUARANTEE!! So you've got nothing to lose except your worries about getting it all together in time and producing a great party for the kids.

    Party Anxiety   Indecision   Relief is at hand!!

    Spend your precious time enjoying the Kids. You won't be playing 'bad cop' because the kids will be fully engaged in the survivor games. You won't be exhausted and stressed-out because everything is provided for this unique and fun kids party: complete printing instructions and game directions, invitations and envelopes, ideas for ordering inexpensive (on-line) optional party favors: it's ALL in the package.

    And to repeat, the Kids think this party is 'AWESOME'. Be sure to see what parents have said in the yellow column at the right.

    2 hours to put together- Memories for Years

    All at a price cheaper than almost any party you can organize yourself.

    Engaged kids, everything all organized so all you do is print

Complete Directions
Printing Instructions
Printable game props where applicable
Hugs and "thanks you's" for such a great party
Printable Thank You Notes (digital/print photo ready)
$10+ Value
Survivor Certificate party favor
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$1 Save the Children donation
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Photo of me and my kids

Have a Great Time!


P.S. What do you think the kids want:

the excitement of the Survivor Party or the 'same-old' ho-hum birthday activities?

Which do YOU want: a bunch of 6-8 year olds all doing their own thing requiring your constant intervention or a group of engaged, happy kids?

What does the birthday child want: the same party he or she has been to a thousand times or the unique party that says 'I'm Special'? You know the answer!