Every little girl is a princess, so a Princess Party for her birthday is a dream come true.

CheckMarkAny excuse to dress up as her favorite Princess is a good one. You KNOW how much they love to dress up and be pretty.

CheckMarkWatch them all really become that Princess, at least in their own eyes and imaginations, for the few hours of your party.

CheckMarkIt won't be long before they'll be too firmly rooted in reality to make these transformations, so Enjoy Every Minute of it.

Let them be Beautiful, let them be Special and your Princesses will have a Wonderful Time !

And with the ideas you'll find here, gathered from all over the Web, you can easily put your unique princess birthday together for her.

We look for ideas for themed invitations and craft activities, decorations to get everyone in the mood, themed food and most importantly, games and activities that play right into your party theme AND that keep the girs engaged and doing what you've planned rather than wandering off, making messes and getting into un-Princess like trouble.

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Invitations :

Rolled Up Princess Party Invitation Make your invitation look appropriately old and parchment like with tea staining and scorched edges. Instead of mailing them, roll them up, fasten them with lovely ribbon and pink tulle, and hand deliver them.

Here's a website with some sample invitation wording.

Be a Princess Mom : Princess

You can be just as beautiful and so much more meaningful as Princess Mom than a hired somebody. With all the ideas for your party here, you just won't need to pay someone else to host your party and take your rightful place!

Make the Birthday girl 'the Fairest of Them All' with a gorgeous princess hat : With a bit of satiny fabric, some tulle, beautiful ribbon, and glittery/metallic/puffy/whatever stick ons from the craft store you can make a cone shaped hat that she'll tie under her chin with a big pretty bow (so she can keep it on for a while). Way better than a paper crown from the party store- those are for the 'other' princesses. You might want to save this for your coronation (see Games, below).

Craft Activities :

1- Crown Those Princesses: Don't buy their crowns at the party store, have them make their own out of gold or silver posterboard (or yellow if that's all you can find), fake jewels from the craft store, glitter, whatever you want. There's even a template for cutting out the crowns.Princess Silhouette

2- Silhouettes for them to take home: With a helpers help, a flashlight, a sharpie and newsprint taped to the wall, draw silhouettes of each girl in their handmade crowns. The kids can decorate their silhouettes with 'fake jewels and glitter, and take them home as their party favor.

3- Making the Throne: Have the kids make tissue paper flowers, and with ribbons and/or crepe paper decorate a chair for the Birthday Princess' throne. The birthday girl can be on it too- she just needn't know about the upcoming coronation (see Games, below).Princess Hats

4- Hats:

If you'd prefer fancy cone shaped hats for your guests instead of crowns, they can be purchased reasonably at Amazon or the kids can make them out of construction paper, tulle, ribbon glittler, stick-ons and any other embellishments you might find at the craft store.


Present Centerpiece 1- Crowns for Snacks: Make your own crowns to use as snack bowls for pocorn. chips, pretzels or any other dry type snack. Just attach a bottom with tape or staples, and decorate with fake jewels.

2- Present Centerpiece: If your not planning a castle cake to grace your table, this easy to put together present centerpiece makes a good alternative. The shape of the stacked gift boxes is reminiscent of a castle and works just fine with your theme.

3- White Fairy Lights:

Party Lights Dig out those holiday light strings from the attic- the ones with all white tiny lights, and string them up. Decorate the light strings with...

4- Pink Tulle Everywhere: Use this inexpensive net fabric for pom pom flowers, use less than full width strips wrapped along your light strings, tie bows with it and other pretty ribbon. With the white lights and pink tulle, you'll have a castle fit for Princesses. (Make sure the fabric isn't actually touching the lights- just to be safe.)


1- Shaped Sandwiches or Cookie Snacks: This 'fairy' cookie cutter set is perfect for a princess theme as well. It includes a castle shape, a frog prince, a tiara, a magic wand, a Cinderella slipper and a cone hat. Use them on brownies too. You can also let the girls use them to trace onto paper to then color as you wait for everyone to arrive.

2- Easy Cupcake Wrappers:

Pink Princess Cupcakes
If a castle cake just isn't in your repetoire this year, these cupcake wrappers are a very easy and very pretty, pink, princess-y alternative. I've made a template for them so it's really simple.


3- Betty Crocker Princess Cake: This is my personal favorite- and it's not nearly as hard to make as it looks. When it comes to 'piping' the frosting around the doll, you can use a plastic bag with the corner cut out instead of a pastry bag. Looks like the 'offset spatula' might be a good investment for all future cakes. And here's a great butter cream frosting recipe you can use.


4- Easy Castle Cake: Castle Cake

Sheer brilliance to use sugar cones as castle spires. With that problem solved, the rest of this castle cake is, pardon the expression, a piece of cake! Tutu Cookies

5- Tutu Cookies: All little girls love tutus, and they all love sugar cookies, so put them together on a stick for an adorable, edible party food or a lovely take home party favor, or both! Get a chunck of styrofoam at the craft store, make it pretty and stick these lovely ladies in it for a pretty display.


Games - the MOST important part of your party plan:

The younger your girls are, i.e. preschoolers, the simpler your games and activities need to be as following directions isn't a skill that's well developed in young kids. So, mix in one or two of these games below with the traditonal ones to build out your activities. Pin the crown on the princess, duck duck goose, freeze dancing, pass the parcel- you don't need me to tell you how to run these games.

1- Art Games- 2 to choose from: For indoor parties in lousy weather, have the kids make a princess wall drawing. All you need are craft or butcher paper, the tacky tape to attach it to a wall without ruining your paint, and enough washable markers for all. If they're too little to cooperate on one big drawing, tack up big newsprint sheets for each child to make their own drawing instead.

In good warm weather, take the art outside with chalk in the driveway. Although the game I describe here is wet and active, little princesses will probably be perfectly happy just doing the drawings and not getting their lovely gowns all wet. Or, you draw a big dragon that they can obliterate with their water balloons to dispense some energy.

2- Memory Game:

Princess Memory Game Inspired by this Milton Bradley Princess themed take on the old fashioned game of concentration, (which makes a TERRIFIC birthday gift to TAKE to a princess party), oversize it using princess clip art, lay it out on the floor, and your whole group can play the game. Instructions to put this all together are here.

Nail Art 3- Nail Art: It's a different kind of Princess, but they won't care. Make them beautiful by doing their nails and fancy-ing them up with some easy graphics using a bamboo skewer to draw dots and lines. A couple of helpers needed so it doesn't take more time than they have patience. Whlie some are getting the nails, do makeup and glitter in the hair for others so everyone's occupied.

Princess Silhouette

2- The BEST Princess Game- the Coronation: Using the crowns for the guests, your special crown or cone hat for the birthday girl, pink contractors paper for the red carpet and the throne you made earlier, its time for the pomp and circumstance. The perfect followup to having their nails hair and makeup all done and beautiful.



Be sure to check out our Games Page for a multitude of other game ideas, many of which can be tweaked for a princess party.

Party Favors:

1- Paper Princesses:

Either print and make one of these 8 Disney princess paper dolls for each guest, or print it out, with instructions, for your guests to take home and make there. Either way, your princesses will have a nice keepsake of your party and you'll have spent next to nothing for them.

2- Princess Candy Bars: Get a picture of each princess with your birthday princess, perhaps as they arrive, and have a helper print them onto the candy bar wrapper template for the girls to take home. Dress up the template with appropriate colors and craphics beforehand.

Lollipop Party Favors 3- Photo Lollipops: Pose each guest as if she's holding the lollipop, and make one of these for everybody to take home.

4- Photo Party Favor Bags: Take photos of all your little princesses, and another of each with the birthday girl, and have a helper print them out and paste them on each side of plain white lunch bags that you'll then use as your party goody bags. Simple and special.

We'll be adding new ideas for princess birthday parties as we find them.

And we'd LOVE to include your good ideas here for other parents. Just send them to me.

Have a great party!