Here's more ideas for kids birthday party crafts activities, listed both chronologically and accessible via the tag cloud again:

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Or skim through all the birthday crafts for kids resources here, newest to oldest:

arrow Mouse Cakes   (04/07/2011)
Here's yet another cute animal faced cupcake for your next animal party or jungle party or safari party.
arrow Cookie Cutter Magic   (04/06/2011)
Magic Wand Cookies Anyone? Who knew there were cookie cutters out there to perfectly compliment your Harry Potter Party or your Princess Party or your Fairy Party?
arrow Slumber Party Flip Flops   (03/14/2011)
Decorating inexpensive flip flops is the perfect birthday party craft activity for your your next girls slumber party.
arrow Photo Party Bags   (02/28/2011)
If your birthday party involves costumes, like a princess party, a pirate birthday, a Star Wars party, or a cowboy birthday, your party favor bag can actually become a big part of their take home memories.
arrow Lollipop Hearts   (02/14/2011)
This brilliant and crafty idea makes just as great a kids party favor as it does a Valentine
arrow Themed Cookie Cutters   (02/08/2011)
Party themed cookie cutters are a simple way to fancy up your kids birthday party food while still keeping the snacks simple and easy.
arrow Heart Hair Clips   (01/28/2011)
These adorable heart hair clips make the perfect birthday party craft for your next girl's birthday party.
arrow Let it Snow   (01/27/2011)
I'm looking out the window at about 10 inches of fresh new snow- beautiful, and that makes me remember the old fashioned paper snowflakes we used to make with thin paper and scissors.
arrow Present Centerpiece   (01/15/2011)
The folks over at label this a Princess Birthday Party Centerpiece, but I think it's so much more versatile than that.
arrow Save Money on those Gift Bags   (01/05/2011)
Save a few bucks at the party store and exercise your creativity at the same time by making your own bags for the kids party favors OR (even better) having the kids make them for you as a craft activity at your next birthday party.
arrow Circling the Prize   (11/15/2010)
Here's a variation on that old standby Ring Toss birthday party game that you can use with a variety of different party themes as a game or as a game to hand out your party favors.
arrow Fall Fun   (11/02/2010)
Fall fun for a preschool birthday party
arrow Pink Tulle Princess Party   (10/11/2010)
Although everyone associates the pink netted fabric called tulle with tutus for ballet, pink tulle also makes wonderful princess style decorations for your princess party.
arrow Hello Kitty Favor Bags   (09/27/2010)
Even if yours isn't a Hello Kitty party, these kids party favor bags will be a big hit with the girls.
arrow Paper Tigers   (09/23/2010)
45 different animals you print out on single sheets of paper and cut - fold - glue into cute little paper animals for your animal themed or safari jungle birthday party.
arrow Capt'n Hook   (09/08/2010)
Let all your young buccaneers become Captain Hook for this pirate birthday party game.
arrow Fishing for Goodies   (08/16/2010)
It's easier that you think to include a fishing game in your kids birthday party that also takes care of your kids party favors.
arrow Animal Puppets   (08/02/2010)
The best toys are the ones that spark the innate creativity in the child. Puppets are just such a toy, so they make a very thoughtful birthday party gift.
arrow Paper Princesses   (07/29/2010)
An old-fashioned toy that still gives joy. And you can give that joy next time you need a kids birthday gift for a girl, at virtually no expense to you. Now THAT'S a good deal.
arrow Pirates to Go   (07/26/2010)
Making a picture frame is always a good birthday party crafts activity that then becomes a take home party favor for the kids, but who says it has to be square?

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