Everybody loves LEGO, so it's the perfect theme for your elementary school age 6-8, 9-10, even preteen boys birthday party.

CheckMarkGive your party structure with LEGO themed party games and you'll have a much easier time keeping everyone on track and focused on your planned party activities.

CheckMarkGive the free play time at your party a touch of competition and it will be even more fun for the kids as they work really hard to be the best.

Let them build and play but with structure to your LEGO party plan and your boys will have a Wonderful Time!

With the ideas we've got for you here, gathered from around the Internet, you can easily put your own spin on this popular theme.

We've found ideas for themed invitations, a LEGO birthday cake and most importantly, LEGO games and activities that will keep the boys having fun and engaged with your games rather than getting into trouble and distracting everyone else.


Lego Invitation

Allison Waken's invitation is just the best and she's kindly made it available for download for your personal use. A BIG Thank You!!

They don't just get to play at your party- they get to play with the invitation too! Click on the image to see how it works. Really clever of Allison!

LEGO Birthday Cake:

LEGO Cake First Allison, now Betty Crocker gets our thanks for this marvelous cake. Looks great and it's not at all complicated. It's one 13"x9" cake with the crown sliced off to make it flat, cut into 4 pieces like LEGO bricks and then frosted in strong primary colors with marshmallows forming the dots. Simple, yet it will impress the kids. Click on the picture for the YouTube tutorial to make this cake.

Or, if you're really pressed for time, just use store bought cupcakes with a couple of the real plastic bricks stuck into the icing on each one.


1- Colors: Bright and bold yellow, red, green and blue are the classic LEGO colors. Mix and match just like when they build. Use these colors for your tableware- square plates instead of round ones. Same colors for your balloons.

2- Centerpiece: Use your cake as your centerpeice! Or, make big bricks out of boxes painted in the bright primary colors. Screw tops from jars (like mayonnaise) can be the connector buttons or just make paper rings with a paper filler on the top that once painted will look just fine.

3- Search: In Google Images, search for 'lego party decorations' and you'll see other ideas for things you can make if you have the time. Big LEGO men to hang on your walls, cut from primary colored posterboard would be good fun to make with your birthday child ahead of time.

Games - to give structure to your party and keep everybody on board and engaged:

Sure, your party should include free play with the LEGO's you'll have about. But break things up with games using those LEGO's and your party guests will stay on track so you don't end up being the disciplarian- that's no fun!

1- 'How Many' Jar: Jar of Legos Have a transparent (ie glass) jar full of LEGOs of various sizes, shapes and colors at your entry. When each child arrives with their parent, have them guess how many are in the jar and have their parent help get the number and the childs name down on a piece of paper. The guess closest to the actual count (you did count them as you filled the jar, right?) wins and gets to take the jar full of all those bricks home! (Thanks to for the photo.)

2- Ring Toss:

LEGO Ring Toss Turn this old standby into a LEGO game by making a LEGO tapered tower built on a base that you can tape to your floor or rug for stability. Not too tall, or it will snap off. Cut the center out of those primary colored plastic plates to make the rings- plastic is more rigid that paper and will work better for this game. Give each child 3 to 5 rings of different colors, with the different colors being worth a different number of points if they can get them onto the tower. Experiment with your own child to place a line on the floor with duct or masking tape that the kids have to stand behind to toss their rings onto the tower. Score either individually or by team.

3- LEGO Pitch: This game is an alternative to the Ring Toss and probably too similar to use both games at your party.

Assemble a variety of different shaped and height containers such as cut down milk cartons, boxes, bowls. Paint in those primary colors if you choose. Place these targets varying distances from the stand behind line and give each one score points; the farthest from the line the higher the points. Give each child 5 bricks to pitch into the containers and score either individually or by teams.


4- LEGO Drop: Another old stand-by game tweaked for your party theme. Instead of clothespins, they'll be dropping LEGOs from their noses into a bucket or other contatiner, scoring points when they get it in. The drop can either be from a standing position or kneeling on a chair and dropping over the back of the chair. The narrower the opening, the tougher this is; you'll want to experiment with your birthday child to discover the best size opening that makes it challenging yet doable. Be sure to have an adult hold on to the chair so nobody tumbles.

5- Relay- Part 1:Cooking Spoon Have either 2 big cooking spoons or 2 spatulas, one for each team (spoons are easier because of the sloped sides, so spatulas make this trickier for older kids). Divide your kids into 2 teams. Have a stand behind line at one end of your room, and a big bucket or bowl of all kinds of LEGOs at the other end of the room. On 'GO', the first from each team races to the bucket and picks up, WITHOUT ANY HANDS, as many as their spoon or spatula will hold and takes them back to the start, dropping them into a container or into a pile and handing the spoon off to the next in line to repeat the process. Anything dropped is out of play. When all the LEGOs have been moved onto the teams, count them up to determine the winner.

6- Relay- Part 2: Now set each team the challenge of building the tallest tower with the LEGOs they just retrieved. Cooperating on such a task is a challenge, so give them a time limit relative to the number of bricks they have to work with so they've got incentive to stay on task.

LEGO Bingo 7- Bingo: Keep this game in reserve for whenever your party group needs to wind it all down a bit. While there are many downloadable bingo cards you can find online, they do seem to have been created with the LEGO pieces that the creators had in their collection, which may not be the same as yours. If you find the downloadable ones don't fit with what you've got, just take digital pictures of your own pieces and place them onto a grid in word and you've got your customized bingo game. Thanks to for this version of LEGO bingo - just click on the picture to download it.

8- Scavenger Hunt: Do this inside or out, or if you need to get your indoor party outside for a while to run off some energy. Just have your LEGOs well hidden before the party in places where they won't be discovered accidentally. For the youngest ones, just score by how many they find. For older kids, you can send them out with a key card showing different point counts for different sizes, shapes and colors or different figures.

9- LEGO Lift: ChopsticksThis game is for kids too old for the drop game. Have either a small bowl or pile of LEGOs for each child or a big communal pile or bowl for everybody. Task each child with picking up as many bricks as they can in 1 minute using chopsticks. Let everybody practice a bit before the contest. IF the kids are older, you can make this a bit more difficult by including other small objects mixed in that they have to avoid picking up. Obviously, the one or the team with the most is the winner.

10- Building Competition: Give each child, or pair of children, a similar amount and mixture of types of LEGOs and challenge them to build either a bridge or a pyramid within a 10 minute time frame. Having to cooperate and complete the task together in a pair makes this a bit more challenging for slightly older children. You might want to have completed models of each that can help them along.

Not every game at your party has to involve LEGOs. Do check out our Birthday Party Games page for other games you might wish to incorporate.


1- The Obvious Party Favor:

Lego Birthday Party GamesYou can purchase simple LEGO bricks, in quantity as you see here, pretty reasonably: At Amazon as of early 2012, these 650 bricks are just under $30. Use them at the party to augment your own collection for the various games, and during cake and ice cream have a helper divy some or all up into your take-home party favor bags. 650 / 15 kids is a healthy 43 bricks per child.

On the right side of this page, in the yellow column, you'll find other ideas for themed party favors you can purchase. I try to keep the ideas on this side of the page free or really inexpensive. I only include the purchase above because you'll likely need to buy LEOGs for the various games anyways - and that might be about the only expense you have for this party, depending what you do for food and decorations.

2- Party Bags: Use plain white lunch bags and your printer to create your custom party favor bags. In Google images, search 'lego' and you'll find a multitude of images to choose from- even what looks like an official LEGO logo!

3- Cookies: LEGO Cookies If you want a great party prep project to do with your birthday child (provided he or she is old enough), these cookies make marvelous take-home party favors and aren't nearly as difficult as they look. Click on the photo for a complete tutorial with recipes and technique - all from Wrap up a couple of cookies in clear cellophane with pretty curly ribbon and your party favor is all set to go.

Come back again for any new LEGO ideas that we find and post here for you.

And we'd LOVE to include your good ideas here for other parents. Just send them to me.

Have a Great Party!