With your child's birthday party comes all those birthday gifts:

things they don't want or need, overwhelm, too much "I" in birthday, and for your guests the added task of coming up with good birthday gift ideas and going to buy them.

The Good Gift Pool Service solves the birthday gift ideas problem in many ways:

CheckMarkA convenient and cheap way for your guests to pool their birthday gifts funds with an online credit card payment

CheckMarkAvoids the agony for your guests parents of figuring out what to buy and finding the time to make the purchase

CheckMarkEliminates the pressure on your guests to overspend if you choose to use the anonymous donation feature

CheckMarkUse the pooled funds to buy one or two birthday gifts that the birthday child really wants, rather than a bunch of items that are of little interest and end up being a waste of somebody's money     

CheckMarkWhich in and of itself is an eco-friendly act, saving all that ripped up wrapping paper

CheckMarkOr, opt for the "giftless gift" of a charitable donation with all or part of the pooled gift funds (see our ideas on how to do this)

Create your Good Gift Pool for your birthday child

It's a simple sign up page where your email address will identify your pool for your invitees. That same email address identifies all incoming payments as belonging to your pool.

You'll get an email receipt for every payment made to your gift pool, as will each contributor, and you can track the totals on line. Should you choose the 'anonymous donor' option, your receipts will advise you of amounts, but not names.

You choose the date after which no more gift payments will be accepted, and all funds collected in your pool, less the 5% processing fee, will be automatically returned to you three days later by bank check. The bank check will be mailed out on the third day, with email confirmation that it has been sent.

The 5% processing fee covers only the charges by the credit card companies and PayPal for processing the payments. These fees are charged to the Birthday Party Games Lady on all payments. I wish they were free, but they're not.

At this time, only US Residents can set up a Good Gift Pool for US$ payments.

You get a printable little insert for your invitation advising your invitees of the pool and directing to them to the webpage for their credit card payment to your pool.

It's easy and convenient for your guests, and gives the birthday child a 'good gift' rather than a bunch of small items that may be of no interest. Everybody wins with this new idea for birthday gifts for kids.

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Have a Great Party!