PLEASE, maximize your screen for full view (the icon between the _ and X in the upper right corner.) And turn on your sound!

Not just another E-Card!!
Personalized with your message, Addresses the Birthday Child by Name! Animated- just for Fun!
Print the paper card giving the Birthday Child his or her 'Secret Code' to access their Happy Birthday Web Page.
(No e-mail address required for the child)
Childís version will fill the screen- scroll down here to check it out. No identifying info required- so itís safe!

This is just so you get a taste of the FUN packed inside my birthday party games packages!! Want One? It's FREE when you place your order by Midnight, tonight

Happy 8th Birthday,




Every year you grow and we just love you more and more!

Happy Birthday

and Have a Great 8th year!


Mom and Dad