You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to solve this mystery:

  • What takes about 1 hour to fully prepare
  • gets the kids all excited before they even arrive
  • keeps the kids tuned in because they're using their brains and having fun doing it
  • all preserving your sanity in the process
  • and all for WAY less than you'd usually spend

detective party girl

The Detective Mystery Party Package

is a Search and Riddle detective party games for kids 8, 9 and 10 years old. It's definitely not the 'same old' birthday party games they've played a thousand times before, so it's truly a special celebration for your special birthday child.

Quick Facts- so you know exactly what's involved in this birthday party ideas

  • Your excited and rambunctious group is always together as a group and under control for the full duration - no wanderers getting into trouble with this, one of the greatest birthday party ideas.

  • The brain teasing clues and the inherent competition to be the one to figure it out keeps them fully engaged which is what makes this such great birthday party ideas.

  • It's NOT scary- Detective party games can be scary - this one isn't! it's an age-appropriate take on a Murder Mystery structured as a riddle-ridden form of a Treasure Hunt where they puzzle out and search for hidden clues that bring the "ghost" back to life before the cake and ice cream. They KNOW it's all make-believe with these detective party games.

  • VERY easy to host - about 1 hour of printing a little cutting, stuffing the envelopes for the clues and hiding them, and you're done and prepared for your detective party games!

  • VERY inexpensive to do:
    • No need to buy those fancy paper goods like expensive napkins, plates, etc ($10 at best)
    • or pay for decorations (probably at least $5)
    • or buy and fill those silly goodie bags (say $2 per child, 10 children, that's $20)
    • or spring for pizza and drinks (around $15)
    • You don't need any of this stuff- the kids are having such a blast the whole time playing the game that they won't give any of it a second glance or thought.

  • Detective party games are best scheduled for the evening where darkness will add to the excitement.

  • all clue hiding places are inside the house, so this party package is NOT SUITABLE FOR AN OUTDOOR PARTY.

  • Different size packages to suit your needs: for 11 to 15 kids (fewer than 11 or more than 20 can also be easily accomodated).

  • it's a 90 minutes to 2 hour party- depending how many kids

An Age-Appropriate Mystery for young minds to solve

You'll be laughing right along with them as they race around trying to solve the mystery with these detective party games in one of the funnest birthday party ideas for birthday party games!

"My son thought I made the whole thing up- and I didn't have the heart to tell him I could never have put such a fun party together- add this one to my list of little white lies. But he thinks I'm a hero, so we're both happy! "    -from Regina in New Zealand

Game #1 – "Who Am I?"

This game starts by pasting labels on the backs of the guests (just use paper and pin/tape them on if you don't have time to get the labels). The guests obviously can't see their own labels but can see others.

Choose from a suggested list of TV and movie characters- or choose your own "set" of characters like teachers or Rock Stars. They then ask each other yes/no questions and try to figure out who they are. This takes about 15-20 minutes. 5 different label formats to choose from.

Optional Scary Interlude

A candlelight reading of Poe's The Tell Tale Heart or similar story of your choosing really gets them in the right frame of mind for the second and major portion of the detective party games.

Game #2 The Hunt

The second of the detective party games begins with the reading of a short letter from an undisclosed source advising the guests that one of them is a ghost, that the murderer is one of the party guests, and that they must figure out who has been killed, by whom, and how. The letter ends by sending them off to find clues.

The 'clues' are envelopes, one addressed to each child, written in doggerel poetry, containing riddles directing them to next clue. For example "To figure this out, it's sad but true, you must now go find something blue". The next clue is then hidden in/on/under/around something blue in your house.

There are a few clues/props pertinent to the mystery, but the real fun for the kids is figuring out the next location and racing to get there.

You will need to supply (a) stamp pads (or make your own - see next paragraph) and paper for the fingerprinting, (b) a couple of toy magnifying glasses for identifying the fingerprints are helpful, but they are optional, and (c) a box of Baby Wipes or wet paper towels for the inky fingers is a must.

The kids will start talking about your mystery party the minute they get this and see the little insert that falls out when they open it up:

Seven was Heaven
But Eight may not be so Great
Unless You and your Buddies
Can work and Study
To Discover my Fate
Before it's TOO  LATE!!

[Different rhymes for different ages]

Your satisfaction with your purchase is GUARANTEED

Don't like what you get? Just request a refund- it's a FUN GUARANTEE!! So you've got nothing to lose except your worries about getting it all together in time and producing a great party for the kids.

Party Anxiety   Indecision   Relief is at hand!!

Spend your precious time enjoying the Kids. You won't be playing 'bad cop' because the kids will be fully engaged in the detective games. You won't be exhausted and stressed-out because everything is provided: complete printing instructions and game directions. invitations and envelopes, ideas for ordering inexpensive (on-line) optional party favors: it's ALL in the package.

And to repeat, the Kids think these detective party games are 'AWESOME'. Be sure to see what parents have said in the yellow column at the right.

About an hour to put together - Memories for Years

All at a price cheaper than almost any party you can organize yourself.

Complete Directions
Printing Instructions
Printable game props where applicable
Hugs and "thanks you's" for such a great party
Printable Thank You Notes (digital/print photo ready)
$10+ Value
Fingerprint Card party favor
$10 Value
$1 Save the Children donation
Feel Good / Do Good Value
10% Rebate coupon for second premium party purchase within 6 months
$5.00 Value
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Photo of me and my kids

Have a great time!


P.S. There's no mystery to solving this birthday party. Keep it easy, keep it fun, keep it cheap. Do it now.