Zingo for Preschool Birthday Parties

Use Zingo as one of your preschool birthday party games or as a kids birthday gift- either way it will be a big hit. From the same Think Fun game makers as the hit game Rush Hour. Their name says it all- THINK and FUN.

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The game is a variation of Bingo that builds early language skills such as verbalization, image and word recognition, memory and concentration. Each player chooses a card, then the dealer slides the dispenser forward to reveal two picture tiles. If a picture matches your card, shout it out first and win the tile. Fill your card with tiles, shout Zingo! and win the game. The cards have two sides for a less and a more competitive version of play.

The game plays with up to 8 players, so it’s a great addition to your games and activities at a small preschool party. Recommended for ages 4 to 8 due to small parts that can cause choking in younger kids.

The game makes an equally welcome birthday gift- they can play it with siblings and/or parents, on playdates and with neighboring kids.

Zingo has an average 5 star rating on Amazon, from over 200 reviewers. And it’s currently priced at under $20 making it an affordable gift as well.

One thought on “Zingo for Preschool Birthday Parties

  1. Bingo Luau

    I play this game over and over.It is a great game that will help you to develop analysis and pattern recognition. It will boost up your word recognition skills and literacy skills. If you have kids then this is a game through which they will grow into and have fun with along the way.

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