Zig Zag Streamers

Zig Zag Streamers

Zig Zag StreamersAny party prep that can involve the birthday child is a bonus in my book. Often, it involves together time. But even when it can be done by the child alone, it gets them into their party before the big day AND it teaches that good things sometimes require effort and commitment, always a valuable lesson.

So I salute¬†ohhappyday.com for this simple yet highly effective party decorating ‘trick’¬†that your birthday child can pretty much accomplish solo if they are school age. All you need give them is colored paper, appropriate scissors for their age and a short sit down to show them how to do it. And it’s easy to do.

I wouldn’t recommend construction paper for these streamers– too heavy. Instead, try the neon colored printer paper at your local office supply story. The colors are really bold and the weight is better.

Follow the picture tutorial on the site– even show it to your child to follow. In short, it’s a rectangle from the colored paper, cut the long 11″ way rather than the short 8″ end. Make alternate side cuts on the long edges about 1″ wide, maybe 7/8th’s of the way through to the opposite edge. Once all cut, stretch it out – you may need to lay them out fully stretched and hold the end down with books or some weight so they hang properly from your ceiling when you put them up with the paint friendly tack strips.

These are just plain fun and really cool looking– different from your standard crepe paper streamers.

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