Yard Sign

Yard Signs

Yard SignLike campaign or ‘for sale’ signs that you stick in the lawn, but birthday parties are a much more joyous occasion. You can buy these ‘yard cards’, but why?

With a wooden stick shaped to a point on one end, your staple gun, a sheet of foam board and your hammer, you’re all ready to roll. Just switch on your imagination.

A goofy photo of your birthday child can be blown up on your computer or at the local print shop. Use WORD to give a fancy font and style to “Happy Birthday” or “Birthday Party Here” or whatever you want your sign to say. Print it out large and colorful and cut it out for gluing to your board with the picture.

Instead of, or in addition to a photo, blow up and print clip art relevant to your party theme. The ‘drawing’ toolbar in your WORD software (under the “view” tab at the top) has a photo icon in it’s tray (looks like a head shot) that will connect you to Microsoft’s Clip Art online where you’ll find lots of fun things you might want to use.

Or maybe you could use the real thing– a real cowboy hat taped to your sign instead of a picture of one.

In all but perfect weather, wrap your completed Happy Birthday Yard Sign in plastic wrap taped securely on the back – just in case.

Very few people use these yard signs for their kids’ birthday parties, so it will be new and different for everyone, and that’s always a good thing. It’s cheap and easy to make. It’s one more little way to make your special child feel special on their special day.

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