Pirate Invite

Words Make a Difference

Pirate Invite I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: Use your invitation to get the kids excited about your party and full of anticipation.

When the kids walk in your door all pumped up and primed for your party, they’re in the frame of mind to engage in your planned activities. Provided those activities are, in fact, engaging, you won’t be spending the whole time playing bad cop because the kids won’t be wandering off, getting into trouble and making messes. A better time will be had by all.

You have two variables to work with to create that excitement with your invitations- your graphics and your text. Given that there are now zillions of graphics at your fingertips on the web, let’s focus on the words.

I’ve spoken before about using a challenge in your invitation to start getting the kids engaged. Perfect for something like an Olympics or Survivor party, but not as easily done for other themes. Second best is to get them guessing about what’s in store for them. Be clever, don’t give very much away, but hint at surprises.

Use language that reflects your party theme to also get the kids to get into the whole thing. A very good example are the 10 different iterations of  ‘pirate-speak’ you could use on a pirate birthday party invitation.

It’s worth your time to spend some time creating your invitations that will set your party apart from all the rest and thereby create anticipation and excitement that you can use to keep the kids engaged in your planned activities. Less Headaches- More Fun.