Wonderful Wooden Puzzles

Puzzles are great fun and great learning all rolled into one, so they make a terrific plaything and terrific gifts. Cool Mom Picks found these 1/4″ thick wooden puzzles from Artifact Puzzles, and I’m so glad to be able to pass them along to you.

Do follow this link through to Artifact Puzzles as there are many to choose from- animals, fantasy like the Alice in Wonderland pictured here, Asian art, knights and warriors, famous paintings, landscapes, monsters, and lots more.

These aren’t the cheap and cheesy cardboard kids puzzles, and the price tag reflects their quality. That and the artwork justifies the price. These would make a great grandparent birthday gift where the price fits the budget.

Bigger kids need bigger puzzles. We always had one going on a towel (so it could be moved) in some accessible yet out of the way spot. The kids and us grown-ups would go sit for a few minutes and put in a couple of pieces. Kind of a break in the day or evening. We’d even chat a couple of minutes. All good stuff. Check out the big 1000 piece puzzles for your family here.

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