EaselThink of it as Pictionary for parties. Drag out that old kid’s easel and buy a pad of newsprint and some washable markers. Best if the markers are all black or blue and black- too many colors and the game will bog down. Get out your stopwatch or watch with a timer function and have a clipboard for scoring.

Thanks to silvasnake over at hubpages from bringing this older game front and center for today’s birthday parties.

Write the name of items your age kids can draw on little slips of paper, and put them in a hat or a bag to be drawn out one at a time. To the extent the items can sync with your party theme, all the better, but make sure you keep them to things the kids have a real chance to be able to draw and draw quickly.

Divide your party goers into two teams– it’s often a whole ‘nother game to challenge them to divide themselves up alphabetically or by birthdate or even height. Alternating teams, have a team member pick from the hat and when they signal they’re ready, they start to draw the item they picked and you start the timer. The other team shouts out guesses as the drawing proceeds. When they get it right, stop the timer and record the time for the guessing team. Rinse and repeat until every child has had a go at the easel, add up the times and the team with the least time wins. Easy!

Don’t focus on the prize for winning, since each team member has to get one. Perhaps a pencil for each, or maybe just that team gets to go first in the next game.

While you probably think of this as an indoor game, there’s absolutely no reason it can’t be played outdoors if that’s your party venue.

Old fashioned party games that are fun still work with today’s newfangled kids. Sometimes they even work better because they’ve never played them before.

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