When I Grow Up…

CareersSince today is “Take your Daughter or Son to Work Day”, it’s most appropriate to bring this book to your attention, and it happens to make a great party gift as well.

Started in 1993 by Gloria Steinem as “Take Our Daughters to Work Day”,  sons were included 10 years later. This book is focused on girls. The 50 career’s highlighted in the book are presented at a reading level of 4 to 8 years old (as per Amazon).

The book is based on the premise that if you enjoy “X”, these are the things you can do as an adult that will involve you in “X”. Do you enjoy math and puzzles? This is what an aerospace engineer does with math and puzzles. If you like to write, learn about being a screenwriter. Career related activities, journal pages and quizzes then let the reader try things on for size.

It’s never too early to let kids stretch their minds and to see themselves doing great things. Thinking about careers strengthens their understanding of the link between their future and education. Helping them along this road builds self esteem and confidence.

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