Watermelon Shark

Watermelon Shark

Watermelon Shark

Photo courtesy of and with permission from the Mom in High Heels blog

Get a good sharp knife and get to work. This is actually healthy fare for your pirate birthday party or pool party or luau party, and the kids will go nuts when they see what you’ve done. My thanks to the Mom in High Heels blog for posting this creation where I could find it to pass along.

Just like a great looking cake, give this guy center stage by bringing him into the party at a time when he’ll command everyone’s full attention. That way, you’ll get your due for your creativity and the time spent- I’m hearing about an hour to make.

You’ll find complete instructions for making this scary fruit guy here. In addition to your watermelon, knives and spoons to scoop out the melon, you’ll need two marbles for the eyes and a couple of toothpicks to attach the dorsal fin.

The instructions suggest adding swedish fish candies to the scooped out watermelon balls. I’d prefer to see other fruits and melons added in, some cut into other sea creatures like the starfish you see in the picture- I’m betting they’re pineapple. There’s plenty enough sugar in the melon- no need to add candy too.

It’s not often you can serve party food that’s actually healthy and that the kids will really eat AND get a kick out of the way it looks. This watermelon shark may be mean looking, but he’s a winner for your pirate birthday party or your luau party or pool party. Do check out all our party food ideas here.

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