Too Much Yogurt?

YogurtWith all our focus on weight and childhood obesity prevention, it’s easy to overdo it, and this is a good reminder about just that. Mother Nature Network questions: Is eating too much yogurt bad for you?.

The big take-away here is while yogurt, in moderation, is great for us and for our kids, those toppings at the fancy yogurt stores can be loaded with sugar and calories that can make the whole yogurt thing unhealthy.

Even beyond the sugary toppings, too much dairy is not a good thing. Dairy to the exclusion of other foods means an imbalance in the nutrients our bodies, and our kids bodies, need. All the calcium in yogurt is great, but when overdone, it’s not.

It’s the old adage at play yet again- everything in moderation. Meaning both the toppings and the yogurt itself.

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