Pom Pom Flowers

Tissue PomPom-Flowers

Pom Pom Flowers

photo with permission from imperfectlybeautifulms.blogspot.com

These are beautiful party decorations, but they could also be a lovely take-home. If you’ve got party girls that are in to crafts, and old enough to be delicate with the tissue paper and able to go slow enough to be successful, these could even be a birthday party craft activity.

But I’ll stick to talking about these pompom flowers as decorations. Make them with your birthday child some afternoon or evening and enjoy your time together. You’ll find a picture tutorial for making these lovelies at imperfectlybeautifulms blog and I’d be remiss not to pass along the credit she gives to Martha Stewart for the whole idea.

You can use varying colors of tissue, and I’d think related colors mixed within one pompom would be gorgeous. Trim the folded tissue to different sizes for a variety of flower sizes as well as colors.

With ribbon or clear thread and easy-on-the-paint stickies, the hanging pompoms at varying heights over your treat table can be as pretty as the picture.

Thin dowels can be painted green (or not and left natural) and stuck into the completed pompoms as stems to create a centerpiece vase full of big, colorful flowers. One could be presented on each child’s plate if you’re doing any sit-down food.

Pass along an appreciation for beautiful things and the joy of creation by having your birthday party girls try their hand at making these pompoms if they’re age 9 or more. And keep some tissue paper around the house for a rainy or snowy day when a quiet activity is what’s required.

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