the Luau Limbo

LimboWhether grade school age, pre-teens or teens, your luau party wouldn’t be complete without a limbo contest.

Amazon has several limbo kits for $30 and under. They have the traditional set up as in this graphic and a hand held light beam limbo that also plays the limbo music that’s pretty cool. The advantage of this hand held limbo device is you can use it at your luau party, but you can also easily take it to any picnic or outing to create some limbo fun.

If you go with the traditional limbo set up as pictured, or just a pole of any kind held by two of your party kids, you need limbo music. Just google ‘free limbo music’ and you’ll find a variety of downloadable tunes to choose from.

A fun way to award a limbo prize is to give everyone an inexpensive plastic lei when they make it under the pole. The more times they get under as the pole gets lowered, the more lei’s they get AND have to wear as they try to get under the next round. To give you an idea of price, you can get these leis on Amazon for a couple of bucks a dozen.

Another obvious game for your luau party is a hula hoop contest.  See our blog post about hula hoop games from 3/1/2010.

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