The Dreidel Game

DreidlOur kids will grow up in and to a very diverse world, at least here in the US. They get, or at least mine did, some ‘diversity lessons’ in school, but we can augment that at home, and playing the dreidle game together is an easy and fun way to start.

The Dreidel Game: It’s Easy to Play! | The Stir.

Hopefully, to start a family conversation. My girls we’re lucky enough to grow up knowing kids from different backgrounds and being invited to share in those different celebrations. From our really small family to a family gathering of 50+ at the BFF’s house for Christmas Eve. From the Christmas Pageant at our church to Passover seders. I do believe it’s has helped to make them more tolerant.

Celebrations being generally happy occasions, they’re the perfect time to share our different heritages in a non-threatening and welcoming environment.

There’s so much hatred and intolerance in our world today, let’s open our kids eyes and hearts to different traditions.

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