The BIG Secret to Birthday Cakes

I’ve already posted for you about crumb coating your cake so you don’t end up with yucky looking crumbs spoiling the look of your frosting. But here’s the really big secret to making truly extra special cakes like the fancy ones you see on the food network etc. It’s called fondant, it’s what makes the fancy shaped add-ons that decorate your cake, and it’s just not that big a deal to make a marshmallow based fondant and use it to give your cake that truly professional look. My thanks yet again to for making me aware of this professional trick.

You’ll find the recipe and complete instructions if you follow the link above, but here’s the basics. Using a sturdy stand mixer like a KitchenAid, or kneading by hand, you’ll make your fondant out of just mini marshmallows, sugar and water plus shortening to grease the bowl. The video above and it’s ‘Part 2’ on YouTube will show you exactly how it’s done.

You can color your fondant and has made that really easy to learn how to do as well. To use it, you roll it out like any dough (using shortening or corn flour to keep things from sticking) and cut out the shapes you need for your decorations. Use a small brush and water when you need to attach one piece of fondant to another or to attach your fondant creations to your cake. You’ll find numerous videos about decorating with fondant on YouTube.

With this fondant ‘trick’, you can put just about any action figure or Disney character on your cake: grab a good graphic off the internet for your party’s theme, and print it out as your guide for colors and cutting the needed shapes. Have Fun!!

I tend to believe that chidren’s party food should be simple, but your birthday cakes can be an exception and with this fondant trick they can be the ‘piece de resistance’ of your party.

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