Teenage Casino Party

CardsA casino night party will be very appealing to your group of teens. It’s something they don’t usually get to do, so by definition it’s ‘cool’. It’s social without being exclusively so- there’s games to play while why socialize. Casino games are fun. And it’s an easy party to host. This works on many levels!

These teenage games aren’t set up for gambling, they’re for fun. Put that right in your invitation: “No Gambling- Only Fun Allowed”. Encourage them to ‘dress for Vegas’.

Give everybody a set number of poker ships or some other form of exchange when they arrive. If you can borrow poker chips to get enough, great. They’re pretty reasonable to buy too. Or, use marbles, pennies, anything at all.

Offer small prizes for the kid or kids with most chips at the end of the evening. Prizes can be a cookie or a cupcake, a bag of chocolate coins, a giant lollipop.

Borrow card tables and chairs from friends and neighbors. Obviously you’ll need to limit the party size to your space but it’s OK to have a few less seats than guests as they’ll want to socialize as well as play the games.

You’ll need cards and dice. Set up a poker table and a blackjack table, or more than one of each if your numbers are big enough. Make one or more dice trays using the rectangular low boxes from the beer or soda store. Paint them if you want to pretty them up. You can find a bunch of interesting dice games here.

Every table needs a dealer, so have everyone draw from a hat when they arrive to staff your tables to start things off. Every game winner relieves that table’s dealer and deals the next round- so nobody gets stuck as a dealer forever.

With the music going and snacks and beverages available, your casino night ¬†games party will keep your teen guests busy and having fun for quite a while. These games have been around forever because they’re fun to play, so this makes a great party.

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