50 Dangerous Things

Teaching Safety without the Bubble Wrap

50 Dangerous Things

Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)

With one that’s ALMOST made it to 21 and another away from home at school, let me assure all you parents of littler ones that teaching kids how to handle danger is a must!! They’ll learn nothing if they’re never exposed to anything, and that’s what’s really dangerous.

Teenage brains are apparently hard-wired to believe their bodies are invincible. If there’s no experience in memory to the contrary, then there’s no counterweight to the impulse of the moment or the flow of the group. That’s what’s really scary.

This book by Gever Tulley introduces kids to exciting, mind expanding things that all do have an element of danger, but danger that can be mitigated by safety – a valuable lesson in and of itself. It’s a compendium of activities to do with your child – another valuable thing. Lessons learned in this ‘safe’ environment can only help to add to the balance needed when they get older and face really dangerous situations and have to make smart decisions.

Be sure to read the reviews on Amazon’s site – they provide interesting perspective on the need to expose our kids to a bit of controllable danger. To quote from the author: “There are many ‘dangerous’ things that are interesting, eye-opening, enlightening or just plain fun! And while there are aspects of danger in virtually everything we do, the trick is to learn how mastery actually minimizes danger.”

With people you know really well, this could make a terrific birthday gift, but it might also get you in the soup with ‘helicopter’ parents. Treat yourself, instead.

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