Tail Tag

TagTail Tag is a great outdoor, blow off some energy game for your animal or jungle or safari themed birthday party. Keep this run around game in reserve for the time when the kids are getting antsy or not participating fully and you’ll get everybody back on track in a hurry.

While you CAN use socks, it’s way more fun and way more tuned into your animal theme if you make some tails for the kids. If you have, or have access to, fabric scraps or yarn, that’s great. If not, use plain strips from an old sheet and get out your markers or paints and make tiger and zebra stripes, leopard spots, skinny elephant colored tails. You’ll want the kids in two teams, so perhaps one team is all spots and the other all stripes- sufficiently different that they can be told apart in a flash as they play the game. Make the tails long enough to tuck into a back pocket or pants waistband and still have a foot hanging out.

Create a field of play in your yard with tape or flour on the grass– big enough for the kids to run around but not so big that it’s easy to get away from their pursuers. Hand out the tails to the two teams and explain the rules. Each team tries to grab and get the opposing teams tails. Any player that loses their tail has to sit down, but still tries to grab and get a new tail from the opposing team from their sitting position. If they succeed, they’re back up and on their feet to continue playing the game. The winning team de-tails all the players on the opposing team- but probably they’ll just have good fun running around and playing the game with no winner ever declared.

It’s always smart to have a run-around, energy expending game in your bag of tricks for any kids birthday party. And this tail tag game fits the bill nicely for your animal or jungle or safari themed celebration.


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