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The Double Gift

Kohls KidsKids birthday party gifts aren’t a competition for who can spend the most. And in this case, spending a very reasonable amount can do the most good.

The Kohl’s Cares for Kids® program offers small toys and/or books that make nice party gifts. Currently, it’s a Toy Story theme with Woody, Buzz and Rex plush toys and 2 story books, all for just $5 each. Combine a book with a plush toy and you’ve got a nice $10 present.

But that’s not the best part. 100% of Kohl’s net profit from the sale of these items goes to support children’s education and health initiatives nationwide. This money has supported things like immunizations and educational programs on childhood obesity, asthma, diabetes, and other challenges. Since started in 2000, Kohl’s has contributed over $126 million through this program AND made affordable reading material available to young readers.

Next time you’re in Kohl’s, pick up a book or two and a couple of the related plush toys. Keep them stashed away for the next birthday party gift emergency, or rainy day at your own house. Pair a toy and a book for a  perfectly nice birthday party gift for young children, and help kids nationwide at the same time- the double gift.

When a good gift is also a charitable contribution that helps kids, it’s just the best of all possible outcomes.


The Homemade Lego Book


Photo with permission and courtesy of pinkandgreenmama. blogspot.com

Homemade gifts are just the best. When you can plan ahead and schedule the time to create the gift, you’ve just bought yourself nice together time with your child. You save money. You teach the value of putting effort into a gift for a friend.

Pink and Green Mama has come up with a great homemade birthday party gift for kidsthe Lego Book. What kid doesn’t enjoy building with their Legos? Both girls and boys enjoy them, the building strengthens small motor skills, and it’s all an exercise in creativity. All reasons Lego’s are so popular and have been around so long.

Sometimes it’s the ‘what to build’ that’s a problem, and this Lego Book is the answer. Using building instructions right from the Lego website, you can easily print out and create a reference guide for various Lego creations. As Pink and Green Mama suggests, print on card stock to make the pages more durable. You can go further and put each sheet in a plastic sheet protector. Keep it all together in an inexpensive 3 ring binder with a pocket for your custom cover for the birthday child. Voila- you’re done!

Make two while you’re at it– one for the gift and one for your own kid(s).

The building instructions available on-line aren’t as complex as the big Lego sets you can buy, so I’d think this gift is most appropriate for kids age 6 to 8, and perhaps the older pre-school set.

Fur Real Pug

For Fun Fur Real Plush Pets

Fur Real PugMost kids gifts that I bring to your attention are not toys, but that’s not to say that toys don’t have their place. I know both my children got much comfort and joy from their plush animal toys, and these items definitely have a role to play in a young child’s life. (The fact that the favorite old rabbit received as a christening gift went to college is another story altogether!).

This plush pug and his compatriots at Amazon are not only soft to the touch, they’re more interactive that the standard stuffed animal in that they do things. This cute little guy barks and growls and makes puppy sounds, and apparently pulls back when his rope is tugged. The other animals in the line-up have similar interactive features. Mouseover the image to see Amazon’s current pricing for the pug (right on target for a birthday party gift), which at the time of this writing is on the low end for this group of plush toys.

You’ll also see some customer reviews on Amazon which you might find helpful. While I agree with one reviewer that I prefer the softness of standard plush animals versus the harder bodies of mechanical ones, I do know my children very much enjoyed playing with both types of plush toys when they were young.

Safety first, so be aware that the manufacturer’s recommended age range for this toy is 4 to 9.

It’s not prominently displayed on Amazon’s page, so be advised that this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  If you want to use this as a gift, get it or it’s relatives while you can.