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Star Wars Trivia


The perfect game for your Star Wars party is a star wars trivia contest. Thanks to the Groton Public Library for coming up with this one. And would you believe there are pre-made sets of Star Wars trivia questions (and answers) available for you right on the internet? You’ll have to play the games to get the answers, but it’s fun.

As they did at the library, divide your party group up into teams to play, and cool star wars kind of names for the teams will just add to the fun.

I suggest writing each question out big on a sheet in a pad of newsprint. Get out that kids easel or prop the pad up on a table against the wall and flip to one question at a time. Fancy things up with some star wars clip art on each page that you’ve printed off from your computer. Check out the poster websites and google images for graphics you can use for your own personal, non-commercial use.

Have the teams all try to be the first to answer each trivia question correctly. Encourage them to collaborate among their teammates before shouting out their answer. Give a point to the team each time they’re the first.

Prizes aren’t important and you don’t need to have anything special. Give the winning team a bag of M&M’s to split among themselves- something the losers won’t get all upset about not getting. Or no prize at all- just let that team be the first to get their slices of birthday cake.

This one’s right up there with the best and basically no cost party games that will fit right in with your star wars theme. Of course, I’m going to guess that you can find other pre-made trivia questions for other themes as well.

Frisbee Golf

FrisbeeThis is yet another really easy outdoor birthday party game that you can customize to fit a multitude of kids birthday party themes. And it’s one I’d never heard of, so thanks to tipjunkie.com for posting it!

Gather up a bunch of laundry baskets, a few frisbees for your party guests and then put all those clip art and computer graphics you can access online and your color printer to work for you.

Stage the laundry basket in various places outside, each one being a ‘hole’ as in golf. Using duct tape or a yard stick or piece of rope, establish a ‘tee’ for each hole, some distance from your basket, from which each child tries to fling the frisbee into the basket/hole. Practice with your own child to determine how far away the tees should be – you want them to be able to get them in, but not on the first shot.

Each child keeps score by how many tries it takes to get in the basket on each hole. If you’ve got enough willing helpers or extra parents hanging about, let them do the scoring.

You’ll find free printable tags and scorecards for frisbee golf on the tip junie site, but think about customizing these to your party theme. Use graphics of space ships or aliens for your star wars or space party, different cars for your cars party, Disney villains for your princess party, different animals for your safari or jungle party, whatever works for your theme.

Borrow both the laundry baskets and the frisbees and all this game costs you is some ink for your customizing graphics. Sweet deal! Gotta’ love party games that are fun and don’t cost a cent.

Dance Off

DancingExpending energy is ALWAYS a good thing at a kids birthday party, and dancing does it really well. Doesn’t matter if they’re little or big, it works. Outdoors or inside- doesn’t matter.

For the little ones, freeze dancing is an old standby and that’s because they love it and it shakes out their sillies. Adjust it to your theme with the music you use (download it if you can): the bar scene music for your Star Wars party,  Satie’s ‘Carnival of the Animals’ for your Jungle or Safari Party, a royal trumpet for your Princess party, Don Ho for your luau party.

The big ones are a bit more difficult, but you can still make it work. Use their favorite music, it might cost you a few 99 cents on iTunes but it will be worth it. No matter if your party is mixed gender or all girls- just don’t try this with all boys.

How do you turn it into a contest for the older ones? You give each child a ballot to vote for the best dancer, and they can’t vote for themselves. Give them 2 or 3 abbreviated music numbers to dance to, and they vote after each. Make a ballot box out of a liquor box with a slit for their vote cut into the top and graphics from the web pasted onto it. After the last vote, have the kids choose an election monitor to count the ballots. Have a small prize for the top three winners.  Move on to your next activity, which might just be something requiring more thought than energy- to take advantqge of all that energy they just burned off.

Your party games don’t really have to be games at all- just something fun to do that you turn into a game with a little competition. Works every time!

Knock ’em Down

Knockdown GameEvery carnival has the KnockDown game with the baseball and the big stuffed whatevers– and you can include it as one of your birthday party games at your next party. Perfect if yours is a carnival themed party, but it can be tweaked for just about any theme with a little computer art on the tin cans to be knocked over.

Use tin cans rather than soda bottles as they are MUCH easier to re-stack for the next player. Just print out your theme graphics, cut to the height of your cans and wrap your clean cans with the graphics as if they were a label.

Tweaking this game to your theme is easy. Animal face graphics on the cans for a jungle or safari party. Cowboys hats for a cowboy party; aliens for a Star Wars or space party; Disney princesses for a princess party; pirates for a pirate party. You get the idea.

Obviously best played outside, you just need something to set the targets up on, and the baseball or tennis ball. A 2×4 stretched between 2 sawhorses works well. So does a card table or any other kind of table that can take a little abuse is it gets hit with the ball.

Check the throwing distance ahead of time with your own child to get a handle on what kids that age can do. Lay a rope on the ground or use a 2×4 or a yardstick or even just a line drawn with flour on the grass.

Give each child 2 or 3 throws, and score by how many cans get knocked over. Have either a helper re-stack after each throw or have the kids do it when they’re not throwing.

This game shows up at every carnival and midway because it’s fun, and your party kids will enjoy it. At no cost to you and no prep either, it’s one of the easiest games you can include in your next party.

Elves, Wizards and Giants

TagHere’s a ‘run off some energy’ outdoor birthday party game that I never heard of that can be tweaked to work with many different party themes. That makes this a valuable addition to the potential repertoire of party games for many different types of parties for a variety of age groups.

As odd as it sounds, this is a combination of that old standby ‘rock-paper-scissors’, and tag. You need enough kids to make two teams and you need plenty of outdoor space for one team to chase the other into a ‘safe’ zone.

Going with the elves, wizards and giants format, start by having the kids all practice the signals that indicate whether they are elves, wizards or giants (hands up to form pointy ears making high pitched noises, hands out casting a spell saying abracadabra, kazaam, etc., arms up making booming, growling sounds – respectively). Of course, the teams could be different animals at your jungle or safari party, different alien species at your Star Wars or space party, enemy pirate bands at your party party, different vehicles at your cars party… you get the idea.

Make a big poster of the ‘rules’ and go over them with the kids. In this version, it’s Elves outwit Wizards, Wizards zap Giants, and Giants squish Elves. Adjust as needed for your theme.

Once all practiced, divide the kids into their two teams and have the two teams  ‘huddle’ to decide which of the three choices each team will be. Once all have decided, the two teams face off against each other a few feet apart.

Here’s the rock-paper-scissors part of the game: at “3-2-1” each team will reveal who they are with their hand gestures and accompanying noises, and the victors (as per the rules) chase the losers as they dash for the safe zone. Any loser tagged has to join the winning team, and the two teams repeat until everyone is all on one team. And by then, everyone will have run off some energy and had a bunch of fun.

Thanks to the princesspartygames blog for bringing this new and different addition to our party games resource for you.

Getting Relatives Involved

CowboyI’ve suggested on many occasions that having Mom or Dad dress up relative to your child’s birthday party theme is a great way to become more a part of the celebration. Any pirate birthday, princess party, cowboy party, star wars party, an animal or jungle/safari party, or other character based party gives you the perfect opportunity to do this.

But how about passing that honor on to a special relative for this important occasion? This is a super way to involve that relative in your child’s life in a special and different way that will likely be remembered for a long time.

Grandparents specifically come to mind. The one in your family that’s most likely willing to act a bit like a kid themselves would be your most obvious choice.

Most grandparents have more time to put in to their costume than today’s crazy busy parents do. Send them up into their own attic or to the thrift store to put their outfit together.

Even better- both of you dress up for the party! Each a little differently, with your own unique styles. Have some fun yourselves doing this together.

If not a grandparent, then a favorite uncle or aunt.

Take a look at this grandma who drove some 70 miles in full pirate regalia to be part of her grandchild’s party. She certainly must have gotten quite a few stares as she drove by.

The whole point here is to give the chosen family member a special role to play in this birthday. Not babysitting, not surrogate parenting, not just helping out with the party- this is pure fun and relationship building for all involved.

The kids love to see the adults participating at their level, and dressing up puts you or Grandpa right there. Do you have any other ideas for actively including other family members in your birthday celebrations to help build those relationships? If so, please add them here.

Photo Party Bags

Favor BagIf your birthday party involves costumes, like a princess party, a pirate birthday, a Star Wars party, or a cowboy birthday, your party favor bag can actually become a big part of their take home memories. All it takes is your digital camera, your printer, a helper and plain old white lunch bags filled with whatever goodies you choose.

Take a picture of each guest as they arrive in their pirate or space alien or princess or whatever costume. Even better, take each guest’s photo singly and again with the birthday child. Make it a big deal as everybody arrives so they all feel really special. Take each shot in portrait format (a tall rectangle) rather than landscape (a wide rectangle).

While the party goes on, your helper can print out each guests two photos on either plain paper or the more expensive glossy photo paper at about 5″ x 7″ size to fit the lunch bags. Trim the photos to size and glue one to each side of the lunch bag.

You can get fancy and add text to your photos before printing, such as “Michael- thanks for coming to my party!”, or “Susie- you’re a beautiful princess!”.

Dress up the white lunch bags with different colors tissue paper peeking out the tops to make a pretty display when you place all your party favors for the kids on a table where they can all see the pictures and find their own to take home.

Now your party favors are so special that it matters very little what’s inside those lunch bags. A candy bar and a small trinket should be enough. What would you recommend to put inside to keep the cost down?

Shrinky Dink for Printer

Shrinky Dink Scavenger Hunt

Shrinky Dink for Printer Having just told you about Shrinky Dinks as a birthday party gift last week, I now want to share with you a great idea for a treasure or scavenger hunt birthday party games using these cute little plastic do-dads. The best part is you can match the objects of your scavenger hunt to your party theme AND give the kids a take home memory.

You must use the shrinky dink plastic sheets specifically designed for ink jet printers: just click on the graphic to get to a source and to read the instructions about lightening your clip art or photos for shrinky dinking.

Choose clip art or photos related to your theme- perfect for princess parties, pirate parties, star wars parties, animal parties, and many other themes. Size and lighten them as directed and put as many as you can on any one sheet for printing and then baking. You might want to look at the shrinky dink accessories (things like rings to attach the shrinky dink to a backpack, necklace chains) to make your shrinky dinks even more fun.

Once you’ve made at least one for every child at your party, hide them for your scavenger – treasure hunt. Outdoors probably saves your house getting torn apart. Keep a log of all your hiding places in case the kids miss one or two. I’d recommend dividing the kids into teams so the groups can compete to see who can find all their treasures first.

Treasure hunts and/or scavenger hunts are always fun for a party but figuring out what to hide can be a chore that using these shrinky dink treasures makes easy.

Movie Theme Tickets

Movie TicketFor any birthday party theme that’s based on a movie, such as a Star Wars Party or a Harry Potter Party or whatever is the newest hot kids release, a ticket style invitation is a natural. I’ve found a really cool looking one on eBay for those of you planning a Star Wars Party.

But does your group of 6 or 8 or 10 year olds really need an invitation created and executed by a graphic artist- and do you need the expense for something they really don’t need? Especially when you can create your own movie ticket themed kids birthday invitation just using Microsoft WORD and images readily available on the internet?

I’ve made for you an editable movie ticket printable birthday invitation in WORD that you can download from my website. Just copy, size and pop into that empty space a graphic from the movie in question, edit in your party particulars where you see text, change any rectangle, line or textbox colors and/or color effects through the drawing toolbar, and you’ve got your personalized invitation that the kids will think is way cool.  Add other related graphics, text that derives from the movie, whatever you want – take your cues from the great job done with the Star Wars ticket invitation referenced and linked to above.

Check the copyright info on any graphic you want to use, but many are available for your personal non-commercial use.

Print your ticket invitation on nice heavyweight cardstock.

It’s really very easy to manipulate images in WORD (as long as you don’t try to get too fancy about it), so don’t be intimidated. And once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll find all kinds of things you can do yourself that you used to pay money for- like all your kids birthday invitations.

Chalk Picture Splash

Sidewalk Chalk SplashTwo separate activities rolled into one big fun kids game for your warm weather, outdoor party.

In a post with various ideas for games for a  Star Wars party, I found this one that is adaptable to almost any other theme you might be using-  princesses, pirates, soccer or other sports, etc. If you or they can draw anything related to your theme that can serve as a target, and you’ve got a driveway, you’re good to go.

Have enough sidewalk chalk for all your party guests and divide the group into two teams. If they’re old enough, challenge them to divide themselves: either have them do it mathematically (evens and odds),  alphabetically, whatever works. Once divided, physically separate them on either side of a waterproof line on your driveway- like tape or mop handles.

If they’re old enough to draw themselves, you can do this game in two parts.

Part 1: Have the kids draw anything they want related to your party theme.

If not old enough or interested enough in drawing, you do it before hand. And if you’re not artistic, don’t worry about it, just draw either a bunch of bullseyes on both sides of the line or a great big on on both sides of the line. However, if you want something more interesting, surf the net for simplistic graphics that you can copy with your chalk. For example- draw soccer balls or footballs for a sports theme party; jolly rogers, parrots, ships for a pirate party; crowns for a princess party; death stars or space ships for a star wars party; animals for a safari jungle party- use your imagination but it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re artistic or daring, you can draw Shreks,  SpongeBobs, Dora’s etc.

Part 2: Once all the drawings are in place, it’s time to clean up the driveway- with water balloons!! Have at least 3 water balloons per child all ready to go OR have the kids make their own arsenals with your hose (yet another party activity to keep them occupied). You’ll need two hoses so invest in a cheap splitter at the hardware store so you can attach two hoses.

You decide if you want organized chaos or just plain chaos- have them take turns trying to obliterate the drawings with the water balloons or let the two teams just go straight at it- and at each other, no doubt.

Have towels on hand.