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Recycled Robots

Recycled Robots

Recycled RobotsHere’s an ‘art’ project that will appeal to both boys and girls, uses recycled materials, and requires imaginative, somewhat ‘out of the box’ thinking. All good stuff.

The Chocolate Muffin Tree: Recycled Junk Robots

You supply the ‘junk’ and let them figure out how to make their robots. This would be a good activity for a playdate, even a party craft activity, as they’ll take ideas from each other and tweak them into new shapes and additions to their constructions.

Save up those paper tubes and boxes for your space or star wars party and they can all build their own C-3PO’s and R2D2’s.


Make A Robot

RobotHere’s a fun team game for just about any birthday party- Build a Robot! Perhaps better suited to boys than girls, but girls enjoy a challenge too and you know your group of kids, so make your own decision on this one. And if your party theme is space (aliens) or monsters or star wars, it fits in even better.

Accumulate a good bunch of various sized cardboard boxes– liquor boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes, plus paper towel and toilet paper tubes. Also have brown (box colored) paper, a roll of tin foil for each team, silver pie plates (differing sizes is best) and anything else silver colored you can think of. Glue, staples, colored construction paper, scissors and markers complete the supply list.

Divvy up the supplies equally between your teams of 5 to 6 kids per team– any more and coordinating their efforts becomes too difficult and detracts from the fun. Challenge each team to build a robot out of their supplies in the next 20 to 30 minutes- the shorter time frame for younger kids. Note that the challenge is to build ‘a’ robot- not the ‘best’ robot, so there’s not hurt feelings at the end, just the fun in creating.

If the kids are old enough, they can elect one team member to ‘be’ the robot, meaning to wear the robot costume they create out of the boxes. This will require an adult to cut holes for getting into the costume and for arms and legs, and will require the kids to decide first off how they’ll put the costume together so the holes can be cut. Then, they can proceed with the embellishments.

Kids like to use their brains and be creative, and this is an exercise in creativity they’ll not have done before. Anything new and different makes a great party game.

Star Fighter

Star Wars Party Games

Star FighterThanks to FunHouse over on Hub Pages for some good ideas for games for a Star Wars party. I’ll share four of those ideas here with you today.

Remember when young Skywalker was blindfolded and using his lightsaber to deflect the training ball’s shots, all under Yoda’s direction on the Millennium Falcon? Train your party Jedi’s the same way. Best for outside, string up a bunch of objects like paper cups at varying heights from a tree or trees and have the kids try to hit them with their lightsabers, blindfolded of course. The onlookers can yell out assistance.

All Jedi must master ‘the force’ and your party Jedi are no exception. Pair the kids up for this exercise, and have them stand facing each other quite close with each having a thumb on the others chin, staring into each others eyes. The Jedi that laughs first  hasn’t yet mastered the force. No words may be spoken or noise made, but funny faces can help to win this one.

There’s a whole galaxy of printables over at starwars.com that you can use to entertain your knights. You’ll find coloring pages and games, and the alien rock painting alien would make a good craft activity that gives your guests a take home.

Always save the best for last. From that same tree limb, hang some star fighters and equip the kids with water pistols filled with colored water (food coloring) to shoot down the enemy fighters. You can find several tutorials for making actual origami Imperial Tie fighters to use as targets if you’re so inclined. But as one thing online often leads to another, I found a great Tie fighter template with tutorial that you could make to send home with all your Jedi’s as party favors. It’s designed to hold a gift card, but a gift card sized piece of cardboard or card stock will work nicely instead. It’s really cool and the kids will love it!

Star Wars makes a terrific party theme for any child that loves the movies, and these games and Fighter favor will make your party a big hit.


Indoor Bowling

BowlingBirthday  games are the MOST important part of your celebration, but it’s an added bonus to work together with your child to prepare for that party and those fun games. You get help, your child gets to be involved in the prep, and you get nice time together. It’s a win-win!

Getting things together for an indoor bowling game is just such an activity you can do together with your birthday child. Posted on the web as a rainy day activity kit, this is a great birthday part idea as well, so thanks to rockbottomt-shirts.com for the idea.

Making this indoor bowling birthday party game is easy. Take some Styrofoam cups—or some empty 20 ounce (591 mL) soda bottles—and add a little rice to weigh them down. These can serve as the bowling pins, the weight of which will vary depending on what you want to use for the makeshift bowling ball.

You can use anything from a whiffleball, which will require very little weight inside the pins, or you may want to add more rice for something heavier like a tennis ball. To keep your house clean in this seemingly messy activity, just put the rice into a little baggie and secure the bag; this way, even a strong bowl cannot make the rice go flying out in every direction possible.

As an added bonus, why not decorate the cups or the bottles with little themed stickers or graphics from the web for a more themed party touch? The bigger those graphics, the more ‘in-tune’ with your theme the game will be- totally transformed from just plain old bowling. Suppose those pins all had big Darth Vader masks on them at your Star Wars party! Or monster faces, with different faces being worth different points when knocked over. The possibilities here are vast.

Monster Cupcakes

Monster Cupcakes

Monster CupcakesThey can either make them or just eat them, but these monsters are just too cute. And not that difficult for older elementary school ages kids to make as one of your party activities.

If the kids are going to make these guys, I’d recommend using the frosting in the can that comes with the decorating tips. If these are to be made before the party, use the less expensive plastic or decorating bags with the decorating tips and homemade frosting.

Full instructions are available for you on the annies-eats.com blog.

The tops aren’t ALL frosting, but rather mini cupcakes attached to regular cupcake with a dollop of frosting, underneath all that frosting fur (hair?). Use store bought or home-made, your choice.

Gel food coloring gives the most intense color to your monsters. I like the way the ‘fur’  is coordinated with the paper cups.

The eyes are dum-dum pops surrounded by jelly rings with M&M’s attached with another dollop of frosting.

Not exactly official Star Wars, but these guys would sure look good on your party food table at your Star Wars party. Or send them home with the kids instead of the usual loot bag full of candy and plastic junk.

Death Star Pinata

Pinata Tips #2

Death Star PinataMore tips from the ‘experts’ on how to make a piñata so you can easily be as creative as Sara Mason was with her Death Star pinata for her sons Star Wars party. It was, of course, a HUGE hit with the kids!

Pinata Boy recommends wrapping your balloon in newspaper before you start to add the paper mache. Hold the newspaper in place with masking tape. This extra step (1) makes it less likely that your balloon will pop too soon and ruin your efforts and (2) reduces the number of layers of paper mache needed for the piñata to hold it’s shape. Wrap as carefully as you can with as few bumps, although the paper mache will cover some of the bumps and lumps.

Use different size strips of newspaper for your paper mache– wide strips for covering big ares and narrower ones for smaller spots.

All your creative efforts will be for naught if your piñata hanger isn’t strong enough and the whole thing comes crashing down! Not to worry- I’ve found two different solutions for you. Pinata Boy suggests a cardboard reinforced coat hanger wire hook where the wire extends well beyond the hook out over the top (on the inside) of the piñata to distribute the weight. Hard to describe, but easy to understand once you see it (follow the link above). Another bit of great advice is to make the paper mache around the weight supporting top part of your pinata much thicker than down below where the kids will be hitting it to smash it open.

Another way to insure your pinata stays up in the air is to give it a cradle instead of a hook. Use fishing line or string taped to the newspaper wrapped balloon forming an “X” at the bottom, all 4 pieces tied together at the top. The paper mache will then cover the fishing line or string and it will be all but invisible.

Now that you’ve got all the info you need to make a pinata for this next birthday party, have some fun with this! Too bad it will get broken to bits when they play the piñata game, but that’s the nature of the beast.


Star Wars Party Food Ideas

SpaceshipHave some good fun with these ideas for Star wars themed birthday party food. Being a closet trekkie and all things science fiction myself, I truly enjoy these imaginative and edible additions to your Star Wars party decorations! Thanks to mygloss.com for putting them out there for all of us to see.

I have to add my appreciation for the insight that Star Wars is something that appeals across generations to the kids and parents alike. So if your birthday party is multi-generational, perhaps a big family party, this theme might be just the thing for you!

My favorite here would have to be the Carbonite Jello with the Han Solo action figure ‘frozen’ inside. Too funny! The Princess Leia cupcakes are a close second, and shouldn’t be that difficult or time consuming to make. The Oreo hair wraps on the side of each cupcake is inspired. Yoda cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma? Who Knew?

Another take-away here is the inspired signage given to all the food offerings, even those without an obvious Star Wars reference. Vader Potaters, anyone? You can have a lot of fun doing this, get good grins out of the adults and the kids too!

You’ll find ideas for Star Wars inspired party games and additional themed food ideas in other posts here, which when combined with these will give you a fun and funny Star Wars birthday party.

Pirate Door Decoration

Door Decor

Pirate Door DecorationGreet your guests with a themed door decoration and they’ll be in the mood for your games and activities right when they cross the threshold! This one’s for a pirate birthday party, but with minimal artistic ability you can create a similar greeting for your party guests for a multitude of party themes. Think Princess, Star Wars, Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, etc., etc.

This guy’s so cute, so here’s a shout out to Suzanne over at oursouthernnest.blogspot.com for a great idea that’s infinitely adaptable to your party. You can’t tell so much from this photo, but she has hung this decoration at the midpoint of her screen door (the doorknob is at the top of this pirate’s head) – just at eye level if you’re 3 or 4 years old!!

You can use a foam board from Office Max or Staples and your exacto knife to cut your shape and sharpies to draw or glue on fabric or pieces of construction paper to create your image. Find a stylized and largely geometric image online that matches your theme and work from that- the more geometric it is the easier it will be to recreate without being an artist.

Remember who your audience  is– a bunch of young children – and they don’t need a Picasso to be able to enjoy the image and get excited by it about your party. And that’s your purpose here, not getting hung at the Met.

So have some creative fun coming up with a kid friendly door decoration for your next birthday party. Perhaps this is something an older sibling would really enjoy doing for you and for the birthday child? Be it a lion’s head for your jungle party or Darth Vadar or Buzz Lightyear or Casper the Ghost for Halloween, greet your guests with a themed decoration on your front door.

Marshmallow Shooter

Birthday Party Games- Marshmallow Wars

Marshmallow ShooterGet Dad involved in the party prep and have a birthday party game the boys will have a blast playing; this is a Two-For! All it takes is a willing father and trip to the local Home Depot or it’s equivalent and some colorful spray paint. And, of course, plenty of mini marshmallows.

Not for lack of desire, but it’s often hard to find a meaningful way to get fathers involved in things like party prep, so it’s a bonus to have something that will accomplish that. But as soon as you start talking Home Depot, it’s a good bet they’ll step up to the plate.

Thanks to MomsCraftySpace blog for this marvelous idea for a mini marshmallow shooter that Dad (or you) can construct out of inexpensive 1/2″ PVC pipe pieces and connectors with the paint to make them look extra special. There’s no particular instructions given, or required, as the picture pretty much says it all: a handle and a barrel and a mouthpiece to blow out the mini marshmallows.

As both PVC and paint are probably not the ideal to put in the kids mouths, I’d suggest wrapping the shooting end with clear packaging tape (a couple of times around) just to be on the safe side.

For your pirate birthday party, cowboy party, star wars party or any other birthday party theme that justifies some kind of a team ‘war’, this is one of those perfect birthday party games. Or, it’s the perfect game for a pool party or any outdoor, backyard party. Just ’cause it’s fun!

Alien Invasion

Bring your Star Wars or Space party to life with these aliens on your party food table. The kids will love these and they’re not hard to make. You can even have some fun with your birthday child making them together. And of course when you have such great birthday cupcakes there’s no need for any birthday cake. Just substitute a candle for the antennae on one of the aliens for the birthday child.

kitchendaily.com has certainly done it again with these alien guys, so I want to give them a shout out. You’ll find full instructions for making these alien cupcakes on their website, but here’s all that you’ll need to make them:

  • store-bought or homemade cupcakes, vanilla or chocolate, in color coordinated paper cupcake cups
  • store-bought vanilla frosting
  • neon blue or green food coloring (McCormick makes a neon set, you can find it online at Amazon)
  • blue (or whatever) round cereal
  • Marshmallows
  • donut holes
  • mini M&M’s
  • black or red licorice for the antennae
  • 9 oz plastic glasses for the spaceships

I’m going to suggest your make two aliens for each child, perhaps one blue and one green. This way they can take one home as their party favor and you don’t have to worry about getting anything else for the take home. Keeps things nice and simple. Once you’ve got all the stuff and are making the ones for the party, it’s just so easy to make the extras.

No boring same old party food at your Star Wars or space party with these cute aliens at your table! This is a new and very unique party idea you can use.