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Chalk Picture Splash

Sidewalk Chalk SplashTwo separate activities rolled into one big fun kids game for your warm weather, outdoor party.

In a post with various ideas for games for a  Star Wars party, I found this one that is adaptable to almost any other theme you might be using-  princesses, pirates, soccer or other sports, etc. If you or they can draw anything related to your theme that can serve as a target, and you’ve got a driveway, you’re good to go.

Have enough sidewalk chalk for all your party guests and divide the group into two teams. If they’re old enough, challenge them to divide themselves: either have them do it mathematically (evens and odds),  alphabetically, whatever works. Once divided, physically separate them on either side of a waterproof line on your driveway- like tape or mop handles.

If they’re old enough to draw themselves, you can do this game in two parts.

Part 1: Have the kids draw anything they want related to your party theme.

If not old enough or interested enough in drawing, you do it before hand. And if you’re not artistic, don’t worry about it, just draw either a bunch of bullseyes on both sides of the line or a great big on on both sides of the line. However, if you want something more interesting, surf the net for simplistic graphics that you can copy with your chalk. For example- draw soccer balls or footballs for a sports theme party; jolly rogers, parrots, ships for a pirate party; crowns for a princess party; death stars or space ships for a star wars party; animals for a safari jungle party- use your imagination but it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re artistic or daring, you can draw Shreks,  SpongeBobs, Dora’s etc.

Part 2: Once all the drawings are in place, it’s time to clean up the driveway- with water balloons!! Have at least 3 water balloons per child all ready to go OR have the kids make their own arsenals with your hose (yet another party activity to keep them occupied). You’ll need two hoses so invest in a cheap splitter at the hardware store so you can attach two hoses.

You decide if you want organized chaos or just plain chaos- have them take turns trying to obliterate the drawings with the water balloons or let the two teams just go straight at it- and at each other, no doubt.

Have towels on hand.

Star Wars Cake

R2D2 Cake

Photo courtesy of and with permission from easy-cake-ideas.com

Yup- that cute little robot pictured over there is, in fact, a kids birthday cake!

Created with just the 2 cake decorating techniques I’ve already posted about here (crumb coating and marshmallow fondant), just imagine the kudos you and your birthday child will get from the guests if this R2D2 cake is the star of your Star Wars party!

And I must give credit where it’s due: to easy-cake-ideas.com for both the decorating techniques and this finished cake. You’ll find very complete directions for making this adorable R2D2 if you follow the link above to the easy-cake-ideas.com website.

Don’t be put off by the fact that R2D2 LOOKS complicated- it’s far easier than it looks. He requires 3 chocolate cakes baked in bowls, one sheet cake cut for his arms, and the colored fondant for his buttons and knobs etc. Set aside some time with your creative hat on, and you’ll enjoy doing this almost as much as you’ll enjoy the ooh’s and aah’s when he makes his appearance at your Star Wars birthday party.

While I generally recommend keeping children’s party food simple, a cake that induces shock and awe without breaking the budget is obviously an exception. If this R2D2 attends your child’s next birthday party, he will be a big part of the memories, and you can feel very good about the time you put in to make it so.

Dice and Draw

DrawingKids enjoy drawing- they like creating something from nothing. Using your party theme, crayons or markers and a pair of dice, you can turn drawing into one of your party games.

Choose a theme related object for your game. For example, if yours is a jungle or safari party, choose something like a creepy crawly bug. If a pirate party, make it a sea creature such as an octopus. For a star wars or space party, an alien. And if your theme isn’t conducive to a theme oriented object, just make it a monster or an animal or a person. This is what the kids will be drawing.

Get a pad of newsprint at the craft store and a roll of painters masking tape at the hardware store. Tape up two sheets one on top of the other for each child to the wall in your party room (two so there’s no marker leakage through a single sheet). Give each child a few markers or crayons.

Decide what body parts your drawing object will require, i.e. head(s), legs, arms, antennae(s), tail(s) eye(s) etc. Assign each a number between two and 12 and make a sheet on your computer for each child. There can be repeats, i.e. 1 can be head and 7 can also be head, and this is where it gets good and silly.

Armed with their paper on the wall, their crayons/markers and their sheet telling them what each roll of the die will require them to draw, it’s time to start with the first person rolling the dice and starting to draw their object.  The dice will pass from child to child.

If you’re having trouble visualizing this game, check it out at the source– scroll down the page about 3/4 of the way to “Draw that Creepy Crawly Jungle Bug!”

The first kid to finish drawing their object wins the game. An apt ‘prize’ would be a neat looking pencil. If they’re old enough to handle it, let the others all finish/embellish their drawings after the first is done and then have them vote for the best drawing (no one can vote for their own creation).

Simple sometimes is the best.

Slingshot Rockets

Finger RocketsA no injury slingshot that can be used as a childrens  party game- What a Find!!

I’d seen references to foam slingshot rockets in several places relative to a Star Wars or Space Alien party theme, but didn’t quite know what they were talking about, so I did a little research and found these.

Just in case you’re having the same problem I did figuring these babies out, that cord at the top in the picture is a rubber band that goes on the end of the ‘trigger finger’. The rocket then gets pulled back and launched- just like shooting a rubber band. Piece of cake and oh- so much fun for the kids!

Yes- they ARE perfect for any space themed party, but also for just about any outdoor party and/or any party with young boys. Just use a marker to put everybody’s name on their rocket and let them go at it.

Make it into a contest- the longest launch wins a small prize. Put out a target on the grass and have a closest contest for another small prize.

Schedule this rocket game at the end of your party and make the rocket your take-home party favor. At about 25 cents each (as of this writing, at Amazon) that’s a super cheap party favor that doubles as a birthday party game. What more could you want!

This is one of those  simple and inexpensive games that’s fun AND adaptable to various kids party themes.