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Make A Robot

RobotHere’s a fun team game for just about any birthday party- Build a Robot! Perhaps better suited to boys than girls, but girls enjoy a challenge too and you know your group of kids, so make your own decision on this one. And if your party theme is space (aliens) or monsters or star wars, it fits in even better.

Accumulate a good bunch of various sized cardboard boxes– liquor boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes, plus paper towel and toilet paper tubes. Also have brown (box colored) paper, a roll of tin foil for each team, silver pie plates (differing sizes is best) and anything else silver colored you can think of. Glue, staples, colored construction paper, scissors and markers complete the supply list.

Divvy up the supplies equally between your teams of 5 to 6 kids per team– any more and coordinating their efforts becomes too difficult and detracts from the fun. Challenge each team to build a robot out of their supplies in the next 20 to 30 minutes- the shorter time frame for younger kids. Note that the challenge is to build ‘a’ robot- not the ‘best’ robot, so there’s not hurt feelings at the end, just the fun in creating.

If the kids are old enough, they can elect one team member to ‘be’ the robot, meaning to wear the robot costume they create out of the boxes. This will require an adult to cut holes for getting into the costume and for arms and legs, and will require the kids to decide first off how they’ll put the costume together so the holes can be cut. Then, they can proceed with the embellishments.

Kids like to use their brains and be creative, and this is an exercise in creativity they’ll not have done before. Anything new and different makes a great party game.

Hand Puppets

Paper Hand Puppets

Hand PuppetsFor a party craft or an afternoon ‘at-home’ project solo or with a friend(s), these hand puppets are great fun. The website and instructions may not be in English, but the picture tutorial tells the whole story.

I can’t read it either, but I’m betting brightly colored computer paper will work better for these guys than constructions paper. The computer paper isn’t as thick, folds ‘crisper’ and comes in these really bright colors. In a pinch, construction paper is probably cheaper BUT I’ll wager that your kid(s) will find lots of uses for any leftover neon colored printer paper.

Either show the kids the photos on the website for an afternoon playdate or solo activity or, for a party craft, make one of each of the five shown as models for the kids. Provide the scissors, markers, pop-poms, pencils for rolling the paper to make spirals and such, and perhaps colorful pipe cleaners as raw materials for their creativity. They can copy what they see or make what they come up with- no matter.

You could expand this to match a few different party themes such as animals or aliens. Show them the basics, then challenge them to create birds, jungle animals, scary monsters, space aliens, circus animals. Such a ‘challenge’ sets up a bit of inherent competition that helps keep everybody tuned in to the project.The younger your party kids, the less you can expect them to stray from the models you give them, but that’s OK.

As a party activity, the kids will be proud to take these guys home to show off, so your favor problem is solved too!

Star Fighter

Star Wars Party Games

Star FighterThanks to FunHouse over on Hub Pages for some good ideas for games for a Star Wars party. I’ll share four of those ideas here with you today.

Remember when young Skywalker was blindfolded and using his lightsaber to deflect the training ball’s shots, all under Yoda’s direction on the Millennium Falcon? Train your party Jedi’s the same way. Best for outside, string up a bunch of objects like paper cups at varying heights from a tree or trees and have the kids try to hit them with their lightsabers, blindfolded of course. The onlookers can yell out assistance.

All Jedi must master ‘the force’ and your party Jedi are no exception. Pair the kids up for this exercise, and have them stand facing each other quite close with each having a thumb on the others chin, staring into each others eyes. The Jedi that laughs first  hasn’t yet mastered the force. No words may be spoken or noise made, but funny faces can help to win this one.

There’s a whole galaxy of printables over at starwars.com that you can use to entertain your knights. You’ll find coloring pages and games, and the alien rock painting alien would make a good craft activity that gives your guests a take home.

Always save the best for last. From that same tree limb, hang some star fighters and equip the kids with water pistols filled with colored water (food coloring) to shoot down the enemy fighters. You can find several tutorials for making actual origami Imperial Tie fighters to use as targets if you’re so inclined. But as one thing online often leads to another, I found a great Tie fighter template with tutorial that you could make to send home with all your Jedi’s as party favors. It’s designed to hold a gift card, but a gift card sized piece of cardboard or card stock will work nicely instead. It’s really cool and the kids will love it!

Star Wars makes a terrific party theme for any child that loves the movies, and these games and Fighter favor will make your party a big hit.


Star Wars Party Food Ideas

SpaceshipHave some good fun with these ideas for Star wars themed birthday party food. Being a closet trekkie and all things science fiction myself, I truly enjoy these imaginative and edible additions to your Star Wars party decorations! Thanks to mygloss.com for putting them out there for all of us to see.

I have to add my appreciation for the insight that Star Wars is something that appeals across generations to the kids and parents alike. So if your birthday party is multi-generational, perhaps a big family party, this theme might be just the thing for you!

My favorite here would have to be the Carbonite Jello with the Han Solo action figure ‘frozen’ inside. Too funny! The Princess Leia cupcakes are a close second, and shouldn’t be that difficult or time consuming to make. The Oreo hair wraps on the side of each cupcake is inspired. Yoda cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma? Who Knew?

Another take-away here is the inspired signage given to all the food offerings, even those without an obvious Star Wars reference. Vader Potaters, anyone? You can have a lot of fun doing this, get good grins out of the adults and the kids too!

You’ll find ideas for Star Wars inspired party games and additional themed food ideas in other posts here, which when combined with these will give you a fun and funny Star Wars birthday party.

Alien Invasion

Bring your Star Wars or Space party to life with these aliens on your party food table. The kids will love these and they’re not hard to make. You can even have some fun with your birthday child making them together. And of course when you have such great birthday cupcakes there’s no need for any birthday cake. Just substitute a candle for the antennae on one of the aliens for the birthday child.

kitchendaily.com has certainly done it again with these alien guys, so I want to give them a shout out. You’ll find full instructions for making these alien cupcakes on their website, but here’s all that you’ll need to make them:

  • store-bought or homemade cupcakes, vanilla or chocolate, in color coordinated paper cupcake cups
  • store-bought vanilla frosting
  • neon blue or green food coloring (McCormick makes a neon set, you can find it online at Amazon)
  • blue (or whatever) round cereal
  • Marshmallows
  • donut holes
  • mini M&M’s
  • black or red licorice for the antennae
  • 9 oz plastic glasses for the spaceships

I’m going to suggest your make two aliens for each child, perhaps one blue and one green. This way they can take one home as their party favor and you don’t have to worry about getting anything else for the take home. Keeps things nice and simple. Once you’ve got all the stuff and are making the ones for the party, it’s just so easy to make the extras.

No boring same old party food at your Star Wars or space party with these cute aliens at your table! This is a new and very unique party idea you can use.

Star Wars Trivia


The perfect game for your Star Wars party is a star wars trivia contest. Thanks to the Groton Public Library for coming up with this one. And would you believe there are pre-made sets of Star Wars trivia questions (and answers) available for you right on the internet? You’ll have to play the games to get the answers, but it’s fun.

As they did at the library, divide your party group up into teams to play, and cool star wars kind of names for the teams will just add to the fun.

I suggest writing each question out big on a sheet in a pad of newsprint. Get out that kids easel or prop the pad up on a table against the wall and flip to one question at a time. Fancy things up with some star wars clip art on each page that you’ve printed off from your computer. Check out the poster websites and google images for graphics you can use for your own personal, non-commercial use.

Have the teams all try to be the first to answer each trivia question correctly. Encourage them to collaborate among their teammates before shouting out their answer. Give a point to the team each time they’re the first.

Prizes aren’t important and you don’t need to have anything special. Give the winning team a bag of M&M’s to split among themselves- something the losers won’t get all upset about not getting. Or no prize at all- just let that team be the first to get their slices of birthday cake.

This one’s right up there with the best and basically no cost party games that will fit right in with your star wars theme. Of course, I’m going to guess that you can find other pre-made trivia questions for other themes as well.

Frisbee Golf

FrisbeeThis is yet another really easy outdoor birthday party game that you can customize to fit a multitude of kids birthday party themes. And it’s one I’d never heard of, so thanks to tipjunkie.com for posting it!

Gather up a bunch of laundry baskets, a few frisbees for your party guests and then put all those clip art and computer graphics you can access online and your color printer to work for you.

Stage the laundry basket in various places outside, each one being a ‘hole’ as in golf. Using duct tape or a yard stick or piece of rope, establish a ‘tee’ for each hole, some distance from your basket, from which each child tries to fling the frisbee into the basket/hole. Practice with your own child to determine how far away the tees should be – you want them to be able to get them in, but not on the first shot.

Each child keeps score by how many tries it takes to get in the basket on each hole. If you’ve got enough willing helpers or extra parents hanging about, let them do the scoring.

You’ll find free printable tags and scorecards for frisbee golf on the tip junie site, but think about customizing these to your party theme. Use graphics of space ships or aliens for your star wars or space party, different cars for your cars party, Disney villains for your princess party, different animals for your safari or jungle party, whatever works for your theme.

Borrow both the laundry baskets and the frisbees and all this game costs you is some ink for your customizing graphics. Sweet deal! Gotta’ love party games that are fun and don’t cost a cent.

Knock ’em Down

Knockdown GameEvery carnival has the KnockDown game with the baseball and the big stuffed whatevers– and you can include it as one of your birthday party games at your next party. Perfect if yours is a carnival themed party, but it can be tweaked for just about any theme with a little computer art on the tin cans to be knocked over.

Use tin cans rather than soda bottles as they are MUCH easier to re-stack for the next player. Just print out your theme graphics, cut to the height of your cans and wrap your clean cans with the graphics as if they were a label.

Tweaking this game to your theme is easy. Animal face graphics on the cans for a jungle or safari party. Cowboys hats for a cowboy party; aliens for a Star Wars or space party; Disney princesses for a princess party; pirates for a pirate party. You get the idea.

Obviously best played outside, you just need something to set the targets up on, and the baseball or tennis ball. A 2×4 stretched between 2 sawhorses works well. So does a card table or any other kind of table that can take a little abuse is it gets hit with the ball.

Check the throwing distance ahead of time with your own child to get a handle on what kids that age can do. Lay a rope on the ground or use a 2×4 or a yardstick or even just a line drawn with flour on the grass.

Give each child 2 or 3 throws, and score by how many cans get knocked over. Have either a helper re-stack after each throw or have the kids do it when they’re not throwing.

This game shows up at every carnival and midway because it’s fun, and your party kids will enjoy it. At no cost to you and no prep either, it’s one of the easiest games you can include in your next party.

Elves, Wizards and Giants

TagHere’s a ‘run off some energy’ outdoor birthday party game that I never heard of that can be tweaked to work with many different party themes. That makes this a valuable addition to the potential repertoire of party games for many different types of parties for a variety of age groups.

As odd as it sounds, this is a combination of that old standby ‘rock-paper-scissors’, and tag. You need enough kids to make two teams and you need plenty of outdoor space for one team to chase the other into a ‘safe’ zone.

Going with the elves, wizards and giants format, start by having the kids all practice the signals that indicate whether they are elves, wizards or giants (hands up to form pointy ears making high pitched noises, hands out casting a spell saying abracadabra, kazaam, etc., arms up making booming, growling sounds – respectively). Of course, the teams could be different animals at your jungle or safari party, different alien species at your Star Wars or space party, enemy pirate bands at your party party, different vehicles at your cars party… you get the idea.

Make a big poster of the ‘rules’ and go over them with the kids. In this version, it’s Elves outwit Wizards, Wizards zap Giants, and Giants squish Elves. Adjust as needed for your theme.

Once all practiced, divide the kids into their two teams and have the two teams  ‘huddle’ to decide which of the three choices each team will be. Once all have decided, the two teams face off against each other a few feet apart.

Here’s the rock-paper-scissors part of the game: at “3-2-1” each team will reveal who they are with their hand gestures and accompanying noises, and the victors (as per the rules) chase the losers as they dash for the safe zone. Any loser tagged has to join the winning team, and the two teams repeat until everyone is all on one team. And by then, everyone will have run off some energy and had a bunch of fun.

Thanks to the princesspartygames blog for bringing this new and different addition to our party games resource for you.

Getting Relatives Involved

CowboyI’ve suggested on many occasions that having Mom or Dad dress up relative to your child’s birthday party theme is a great way to become more a part of the celebration. Any pirate birthday, princess party, cowboy party, star wars party, an animal or jungle/safari party, or other character based party gives you the perfect opportunity to do this.

But how about passing that honor on to a special relative for this important occasion? This is a super way to involve that relative in your child’s life in a special and different way that will likely be remembered for a long time.

Grandparents specifically come to mind. The one in your family that’s most likely willing to act a bit like a kid themselves would be your most obvious choice.

Most grandparents have more time to put in to their costume than today’s crazy busy parents do. Send them up into their own attic or to the thrift store to put their outfit together.

Even better- both of you dress up for the party! Each a little differently, with your own unique styles. Have some fun yourselves doing this together.

If not a grandparent, then a favorite uncle or aunt.

Take a look at this grandma who drove some 70 miles in full pirate regalia to be part of her grandchild’s party. She certainly must have gotten quite a few stares as she drove by.

The whole point here is to give the chosen family member a special role to play in this birthday. Not babysitting, not surrogate parenting, not just helping out with the party- this is pure fun and relationship building for all involved.

The kids love to see the adults participating at their level, and dressing up puts you or Grandpa right there. Do you have any other ideas for actively including other family members in your birthday celebrations to help build those relationships? If so, please add them here.