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5 Innovative Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

Tablet5 reading apps your kids will enjoy doing– so no arguments about doing ‘work’ over the summer. Combining reading with a game challenge works like a charm to get them into it.

5 MORE Innovative Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

These apps cover a range of ages and ability levels, so you’ll find something here for your reader.


Creating a Home Library + Great Reading Resource

BookshelvesGood ideas here for fostering a sense of ownership and delight in the books that allow for the experience of reading. Give the kids their own library full of their own books, be they new or found at tag sales or from the library. Print off bookplates to designate ownership and pride in ownership. Work together to organize the books as the child wants.

Creating a Home Library | Reading Topics A-Z | Reading Rockets.

If books are important in your home and in your child’s own space, it’s a good step toward making reading an important component of your child’s life.

AND, readingrockets.org is a terrific resource for parents about books covering a wide range of subject areas and a wide range of ages- bookmark it!

Reading Nook

DIY Cozy Reading Fort

Reading NookRecycle that old crib mattress and some bright and colorful sheets into this cozy reading nook. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up with a good book in such a delightful spot that was all there own?

small + friendly: DIY Cozy Reading Fort.

Anything that encourages books and reading is a great thing! I’d add a pretty basket full of appropriate books right beside it.

3rd Grade Reading List

Into 3rd Grade Summer Reading List

3rd Grade Reading ListMore helpful summer slide prevention from pragmatic mom.com – a reading list for your going to be 3rd grader for books for the summer.

Rising 2nd Grade Summer Reading List : PragmaticMom.

Have you put this kids’ reading source blog on your bookmark list yet? It’s worth having a look before you head to the library with the kids so you can take good book ideas along with you.

School Age Book Apps

10 FREE Book Apps for School Age Kids

School Age Book Apps More reading suggestions, this time for school age kids, from igamemom.com, all in an effort to combat the summer slide.

10 FREE Book Apps for School Age Kids.

If they have to be on screen, at least it can be educational as well as fun. And MAYBE, just because it IS on a screen in can get the job of doing some reading done that otherwise just wouldn’t happen.


Stories for Middle Schoolers

EmblazonA just launched site to help you find good stories for your middle school reader– some giveaways happening now for the launch too!

Emblazon | Writing Stories on the Hearts of Children

Tweens fall somewhere between children and young adults in the book category, and finding material that engages them can be a challenge. So bookmark this site and check back every Wednesday when they will be posting new recommendations

Sight Word App

Sight Word App

Sight Word AppWith the use of voice recognition software, this learning app will delight your kids as they learn their sight words. Great summer fun learning to keep those skills sharp.

Our Village is a Little Different: The Sight Words Reading #App Uses Voice Recognition Technology #FutureFlashCard.

Includes words for kids from preschool through 3rd grade, so everybody can play and learn.

Child Reading

Online Reading Program

Child ReadingThis online reading program from Reading Kingdom might be your way to avoid the summer slide and get that reading actually done over the vacation months. Start with the link below to one mom’s review and then explore the site and the other testimonials.

Reading Kingdom Squashes Summer Brain Drain | Reading Kingdom Blog – Reading Kingdom Blog | Reading Kingdom Blog.

Mixing in fun activities with the reading should make the whole experience more fun and less ‘work’ for the kids, meaning they should be more willing to do it, which is really the whole point, isn’t it?

Teen Reading

Teens – Kindle eBooks

Teen ReadingLots to choose from here:

Amazon.com: Teens – Kindle eBooks: Kindle Store: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance, Mysteries & Thrillers & More

Load a couple up on your or your teens iPad or kindle so the books are right at hand when they need something to do this summer. That way, the something to do is to read!

Do read the reviews– I delved into a couple and they are most definately for OLDER teens, not the young ones.